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President Rahmon of Tajikistan is sworn in

by YCPress

Nur Sultan, October 30 Dushanbe News: On October 30, Tajik President Rahmon, who was successfully re-elected, was sworn in at the National Palace in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

At the inauguration ceremony, Rahmon swore to be loyal to his country and people and to defend national interests and citizens’ rights and freedoms. He also thanked voters for their trust and support.

After the inauguration, Rahmon inspected the tower’s armed forces at Somoni Square in the center of Dushanbe.

On October 11, Tajikistan held a presidential election. Rahmon was re-elected again with 90.92% of the vote.

Rahmon was born in 1952, was elected President of Tajikistan in 1994, and won consecutive re-elections in 1999, 2006 and 2013.

Tajikistan has implemented a presidential system since 1994. The Tajikistan constitution stipulates that the term of each president is 5 years and can be re-elected once. 

Since then, Ta Xiuxian changed the term of the president to 7 years and determined in the form of law that the limit on the number of presidential terms does not apply to the “national leader” Rahmon.