Home Politics President of Montenegro: China-Central and Eastern European countries cooperation mechanism is effective and efficient. Black and China have achieved fruitful results.
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President of Montenegro: China-Central and Eastern European countries cooperation mechanism is effective and efficient. Black and China have achieved fruitful results.

by YCPress

February 9 Montenegro President Milo Djukanović pointed out at the “Challenges to Economy and Investment Challenges After the Epidemic” online video conference hosted by the Montenegrin Embassy in China a few days ago that the cooperation mechanism between China and Central and Eastern European countries is effective and efficient.

In recent years, the two countries have been in high-quality exchanges and cooperation. The results are fruitful.

“The China-Central and Eastern European cooperation mechanism is a very effective and efficient way of cooperation for us, and its importance is self-evident.

I am very satisfied with the fruitful cooperation between Montenegro and China. Dyukanovic said he believed that the meeting held on that day would be a very good start for the upcoming China-Central and Eastern European leaders summit.

Djukanović said that this year marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Montenegro and China, and the friendship between the two countries is deepening day by day.

Through the China-Central and Eastern European cooperation mechanism, the cooperation between the two sides in many fields has been further strengthened.” I am confident that we will continue to work together to create significant opportunities to contribute to strengthening new friendships and building a common future.”

“In recent years, the exchanges between black and China have achieved a lot, and our cooperation is very high-quality.” Djukanović, for example, said that Chinese enterprises have undertaken the North-South Expressway Project, Montenegro’s first expressway, which is currently the largest and most expensive infrastructure project in Montenegro.

This project is important not only to our economy, but also to improve the living standards of our people.”

Djukanović also said that Chinese enterprises have contributed to the wine export of Montenegro.” Montenegro is a traditional country that produces wine. I know that there are a lot of red wine producers in the market, and the competition is very fierce.

Thank you very much for these enterprises to choose our black wine.

Dyukanovic stressed, “It can be said for sure that our cooperation with Chinese enterprises is very pleasant, and we are very sure that these excellent projects and cooperation are also needed in the future.”

“While the pandemic will likely continue for some time, I believe it won’t affect our collaboration.” “Montene has a very strong will to build,” Djukanović noted, opening up to all the brilliant investors with wisdom.” It is hoped that our two countries can not only hold on to the results of cooperation, but also further expand our areas of cooperation and further strengthen cooperation in transportation, energy, tourism and economy, as well as science and technology.”

Djukanović said that Montenegro has always been committed to building a modern, open, safe and prosperous society.

He noted that Montenegro uses the currency of the euro, the company registers very quickly, the lowest corporate income tax in Europe, and the stable and reliable banking system, which is open to investors around the world.” While we are the smallest country in the Balkans, we have tremendous development potential, and we hope to realize these development opportunities with reliable partners.”

“Sun Zi, a famous Chinese philosopher, said that if you don’t have a skill, you will be difficult to achieve things.

If you don’t have a skill, you will lose.” Dyukanović believes that in the face of the current world full of uncertainty, we should combine strategic thinking with concrete work, make continuous efforts to strengthen cooperation, and restore a healthy economy and society as soon as possible.

Dyukanovich said that the coronavirus epidemic, economic recession, warming and other issues not only bring challenges but also heralded new opportunities for mankind to move “smarter, greener and more just direction”, and invest in and stimulate green infrastructure projects into economic development, job creation and adaptation to technological change. New impetus.

“The way we tackle the challenge will shape our shared future after the pandemic.” Djukanović believes that as the pace of countries returning to normal life accelerates, international cooperation will further revive the economy once countries meet the requirements for lifting epidemic prevention restrictions.

As the Year of the Ox in the Chinese New Year is approaching, Jiukanovich said that cattle are endowed with the quality of diligence and integrity in Chinese culture.

“Today, more than ever before, we need to treat each other honestly, cultivate diligently, and strengthen the friendship between the people of Black and China.”