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President of Mexico: Support the introduction of Chinese vaccines

South African experts worry: COVID-19 vaccines such as Pfizer may not work against mutant viruses found in South Africa.

Coronavirus vaccine (Reuters)

According to local media reports in Mexico, Mexican President Lopez said on Wednesday (December 30) that he supported the introduction of the concinos vaccine from China.

He revealed that the previously introduced Pfizer vaccine will be mainly provided to medical personnel with a total of no more than 750,000 because of its high storage and transportation requirements.

The concinol vaccine does not need to be stored at ultra-low temperatures, and only needs to be inoculated with one dose. It is very suitable for the elderly and the general public.

López pointed out that the consino vaccine has been in use in China for a long time and has worked well. He believes that the portable characteristics of the vaccine will give hope to people living in remote areas.

Previously, Mexican officials revealed that Mexico will introduce 3-4 million doses of concino vaccine this year.

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