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Portugal will reenter a national emergency

Portugal will reenter a national emergency

by YCPress

Lisbon, November 6 Portuguese President De Souza officially signed a decree on the 6th, announcing that the country will once again enter a 15-day state of emergency from the 9th to deal with the second wave of the menacing pandemic.

De Souza made a televised speech on the same day that under the new state of emergency, the government will take specific restrictive measures in cities where the pandemic risk is high, and will also use social, private medical materials and military supplies to reinforce when necessary. The health department enforces temperature monitoring at the entrance of certain facilities.

According to Portuguese law, the state of emergency can be extended according to the progress of the pandemic.

In an interview with the media on the same day, Portuguese Prime Minister Costa stated that the impending national emergency has no deadline set, and the government can adjust the measures and implementation time according to the development of the pandemic.

The Portuguese Council of Ministers is scheduled to meet on the 7th to formulate specific measures for the state of emergency.

Data released by Portugal on the 6th showed that in the past 24 hours, there were 5,550 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Portugal, a total of 166,900 confirmed cases, 52 new deaths, and a total of 2,792 deaths.

Portugal implemented the first national emergency in history on March 19, which ended in early May after two postponements, and then entered a “disaster state” until the end of June.¬†Entering autumn and winter, with the arrival of the second wave of pandemic, the country once again entered a “disaster state” on October 15.