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"Awkward farewell journey"! Pompeo visited seven countries intensively for ten days but was strongly protested after showing goodwill

Pompeo’s visit to France calls to see Macron in France: the content of the talks will be made public to Biden

by YCPress

November 15th. On the 14th local time, US Secretary of State Pompeo arrived in France, which was “closing the city” to Anti-Pandemic.

In addition to planning to hold talks with the French Foreign Minister, he also “called names” to meet French President Macron. 

Regarding this embarrassing request, Macron, who recently congratulated Biden on his victory and also held a phone call, responded that the content of the meeting with Pompeo will be fully disclosed to the Biden team.

“I am very happy to come to France. This is the longest known friend and ally of the United States. The relationship between our two countries is unbreakable and we look forward to discussions in Paris.”

As soon as he set foot on French soil, Pompeo couldn’t wait to tout the United States. The friendship of France, but what is oncoming is the cold water of French public opinion.

French media said Pompeo embarked on an “awkward journey”

“Pompeo arrived in France and embarked on an awkward trip to Europe and the Middle East.” On the 14th, the French 24 News Channel described Pompeo’s visit in a mocking tone. 

The article stated that this trip was destined to be embarrassing, because the seven countries he planned to visit had already congratulated Biden on his victory , and Pompeo, as the highest diplomat in the United States, refused to accept the voting result and vowed to say “Tron The general government will usher in its second term.” 

The report also specifically pointed out that although Trump and Macron tried to attract each other in the early stage, the relationship between the two became increasingly “twisted” as the United States withdrew from the Paris Agreement and the Iranian Nuclear Agreement.

Macron and Biden (GETTY)

Radio France pointed out that the French Presidential Palace stated on November 12 that the meeting between Pompeo and Macron on the 16th was requested by the United States. Macron’s interview with Pompeo had two considerations.

One is to respect diplomatic practice. The other is that Trump is still in power in Washington and some issues can be discussed, such as terrorism issues and Naka region issues. 

However, considering that leaders of major countries in the world have congratulated Biden on his victory, Macron said that the content of the talks with Pompeo will be fully disclosed to the Biden team. 

On the other hand, the French Presidential Palace also clearly pointed out that it has established contact with the team of President-elect Biden of the United States, and work has begun.