Home Politics Pompeo, who has entered the historical garbage dump, still wants to be the President of the United States?
Pompeo, who has entered the historical garbage dump, still wants to be the President of the United States?

Pompeo, who has entered the historical garbage dump, still wants to be the President of the United States?

by YCPress

“1384 days,” a word posted to Twitter by Mike Pompeo, who has just left the position of Secretary of State, on January 21.

What do you mean?

Starting from this day, in 1384 days, will Pompeo run for President of the United States?

Such ambition has aroused the vigilance of some people in the United States.

“Arrogance and arrogance can’t dress up

Pompeo’s legacy”, which is the title of an article in the American Foreign Policy magazine on the same day Pompeo tweeted “1384 days”.

Of course, Pompeo is still alive. The so-called “legacy”, Uncle Hai believes, mainly refers to the “political heritage”.

The article Foreign Policy wrote–

Pompeo put his political ambitions above the national interest.

Use your authority for self-interest by any means,

It can be called the worst Secretary of State in history.

The article believes that Pompeo, as Secretary of State, has made no diplomatic achievements.

Whether it is the relationship between the United States and Iran or allies such as Europe, it is worse than that of his arrival.

The article also points out that Pompeo misuses national resources–

Holding fancy dinners in the Department of State Diplomatic Reception to cultivate the favor of Republican celebrities who can fund his political ambitions;

He also used government special planes to carry out political activities across the country under the guise of foreign policy speeches.

The most typical one was that in August 2020, during the Republican National Convention, Pompeo in Jerusalem, actually helped Trump by recording video speeches in the local “Old City”. This way really shocked many Americans and thought he was suspected of breaking the law.

In response to a statement from the U.S. Representative from North Carolina, Democrat David Price, the U.S. House of Representatives, said, “Since the Secretary of State cannot stand alone in this year’s election, he must resign immediately and personally reimburse the Treasury for all the expenses of the visit.”

Today, the Foreign Policy article also points out that as Secretary of State, Pompeo lives in the army’s house and lets taxpayers pay the bill.

This is unacceptable.

The position of Secretary of State of the United States is mainly responsible for the foreign affairs of the United States. Whether it belongs to the Republican or Democratic camps, it is said that the overall interests of the United States should be considered first.

However, in the analysis of Foreign Policy magazine, it can be seen that Pompeo is not like this.

For example, during his tenure, he went to Cairo, Egypt, to give a speech at the place where former President Obama spoke and physically attacked Obama.

The article also said that after an attempted “coup” (Congressional riots) in Washington, Pompeo introduced a series of policy measures at the last minute, describing Houthi rebels in Yemen as “terrorists” and re-establishing Cuba as a state supporting terrorism.

Attempts to suppress the Biden administration on foreign policy while paving the way for his political future.

Is it such a Pompeo who is afraid of chaos and wants to run for President of the United States? Uncle Hai believes that whoever runs for the presidency of the United States and who will be the president of the United States is the internal affairs of the United States.

Let’s just watch. But on the same day that Pompeo tweeted “1384 days”, China also announced sanctions on 28 people, including him

“Out of political self-interest, take ‘hardcore to China’ as your own political person to fight against China and stigmatize China to obtain political capital. Whenever China, it will turn against it will be reversed.

Even ignoring the facts, distorting history, and making nothing out of nothing. He does his best to engage in prejudice and hatred against China.

He often ‘shows the lower limit’, and has no integrity and morality.”

In terms of this ticket, it continues to damage the foundation of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. The evil deeds have harmed the interests of the Chinese and American people, and the price is also “borne by the world”.

I should also enter the garbage heap in the history of human civilization.

He also thought of running for the presidency of the United States, and seemed to think he had not done enough to harm mankind. I don’t know if the American people are afraid of this “political virus”?