Home Politics Pompeo left a pile of “scorched earth” to American diplomacy
Pompeo left a pile of "scorched earth" to American diplomacy

Pompeo left a pile of “scorched earth” to American diplomacy

by YCPress

At the last moment of his term, Pompeo, the “worst Secretary of State in the history of the United States”, is still performing doomsday madness.

On January 19th, local time, the official website of the U.S. State Department issued a statement called “condemning the atrocities in Xinjiang”, falsely claiming that China’s policies towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang constitute “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”, leaving another ridiculous mark on Pompeo’s “list of lies”.

The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang live and work in peace and contentment, unite and harmoniously. The current good situation of stability and prosperity in Xinjiang can never be changed by the slander and smear of Peo.

As Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunyu said on January 20, the American politician, notorious for lying and cheating, is turning himself into doomsday clowns and century jokes with his doomsday madness and century lies.

The Washington Post recently published an article listing the classic “Pompeo-style lies” during Pompeo’s tenure, and complained that “the newspaper does not have enough space to record”.

As the countdown to his term of office enters, Pompeo has launched intensive attacks on China.

Twitter netizens even suspect that Pompeo’s Twitter account has become an irrational and crazy anti-China robot that incites people’s anti-China sentiment.

Obviously, at the time of the change of the U.S. government, Pompeo is deeply anxious about his uncertain future.

Where does Pompeo’s anxiety come from? His political ambitions that he never hide may be the answer.

As early as 2019, it was rumored that he might resign as Secretary of State and run for the Kansas Senate in 2020; U.S. media generally analyzed that Pompeo was considering running for governor in 2022 and even in the presidential election in 2024.

However, the January 6 congressional riots made the political prospects of Pompeo, which has long been deeply bound to Trump, darken and dangerous.

From this perspective, Pompeo’s “bragging” of his diplomatic achievements and his “crazy challenge” at the last minute give people the impression that “drowning people want to seize the straw desperately”.

The Washington Post believes that one of the main purposes of Pompeo’s recent crazy “output” is to plant enough “mines” for the incoming Biden administration and hinder the Biden administration’s ability to repair diplomatic wounds created by the Trump administration over the past four years.

Justice may be late, but it will not be absent.

Pompeo is feeding on the consequences of “lie diplomacy”, “coercion diplomacy” and “sanction diplomacy”. 

Disappied by many foreign allies, laughed at by opponents, and disgusted by a large number of diplomats under his own,” the New York Times described Pompeo’s feathers at the end of his career as Secretary of State.

The number one diplomat of the United States who said boldly to “ensure that the United States has always been a respected leader on the world stage” when he left office, he left a pile of “scorched earth” for U.

diplomacy: the United States and Iran are in serious confrontation in the Persian Gulf; the current U.S. government is extremely partial to and supportive of Israel’s policies, which makes Pakistan The situation in the Middle East became more complicated when the Lestains left at the negotiating table; the relationship between the United States and Europe plummeted, even to the point that it needed to rely on “life maintenance equipment” to maintain relations; the United States became the “world champion” who withdrew from the group and broke the contract, and the international reputation fell to a new low…

According to a new survey released by the British Guardian, only 10% of the 11 European countries surveyed believe that the United States is Europe’s “to rely on” security partner.

Tusk, who was the president of the European Council, sighed so much: “With such friends, who needs an enemy?” German Foreign Minister Maas said in a recent interview with the German News Agency, “If we understand sovereignty only means that we will only do what Washington wants in the future, we don’t have to talk about European sovereignty.”

For such a U.S. Secretary of State to “send off”, the whole world may only send one sentence: Good to go or not!