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Pompeo accused Russia of “playing political games” in the Mediterranean

by YCPress

According to a report by ITAR on the 15th, US Secretary of State Pompeo believes that Russia is “creating chaos and conflicts” within the Mediterranean countries and the region, and “playing political games” there.

Pompeo said in a statement released on Tuesday that he believes that “Russia is using various methods to spread misinformation, undermine national sovereignty, and continue to threaten the stability of the Mediterranean region.” 

He pointed out that Russia appeared to “support the attack on the capital of Libya” and undermined efforts to establish peace in the country.

Pompeo mentioned again that Russia was suspected of violating the UN arms embargo against Libya, and that the Russian “Wagner” group carried out activities in Libya, and claimed that Russia “blocked the UN sanctions against the leader of the Kaniyat militia in Libya

Mohamed Kani “The United States accused the militia organization of “violating human rights, printing forged Libyan dinars (currency), and undermining Libyan economic stability.”

Pompeo also claimed, “If anyone is playing a political game trying to prevent (resolve) the progress of regional conflicts, it is Russia.

Its actions will only harm the interests of the region and promote its own interests.”

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

The Russian side has repeatedly denied the allegations. Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov called the US statement about Russia’s “military intervention” in the situation in Libya and its destabilizing role in mediating the situation in Libya is a “rumour”. 

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov previously emphasized that the allegations that Russia provided weapons to Libya and dispatched mercenaries were groundless.