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Police training materials actually contain Nazi content

by YCPress

Deep-rooted social issues such as the violent law enforcement by the US police have triggered a wave of protracted protests in the United States.

According to US media reports on the 2nd, police training materials in some areas of the United States even contained content that the Nazis promoted violence.

According to a CBS report on the 2nd, it was the police training materials of Kentucky that involved the use of Nazi speech. 

According to the report, a local lawyer discovered that the training slides used by the Kentucky police in 2013 used Nazi rhetoric to promote violence, use violence to curb violence, and encourage police Ruthless and so on. 

The campus media of a local school published relevant materials last weekend, which immediately attracted public attention.

The Kentucky state government said that this is unacceptable and will conduct an investigation. 

The local law enforcement agency affiliated to the police claimed that relevant training materials had been removed in 2013.

American public opinion points out that this incident is outrageous, and it is a toxic culture that has victimized too many innocent people.