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Planning for the future? Trump wants to establish his own streaming network

by YCPress

According to a CNN website on January 12, after the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday, Trump was banned by many social media one after another, and more and more large enterprises cut off contact with him.

At the same time, he also faced the possibility of being impeached twice, which can be called “fighting” a country by one person.

This may make the Trump Group’s business more difficult after he leaves office. However, Trump also has his own plans.

After leaving office, he may use his huge fan base to build his own streaming media network. Someone has calculated that if only 10% of voters become registered members of his media and each person pays only $5.99 a month, Trump will earn more than $500 million a year!

The mobile phone is made into bricks.

Trump, who once picked up his mobile phone and could “call for trouble” on the Internet, is being “sniped at” by major social platforms after his fans made a scene in Congress.

According to the American media Axios, platforms that have taken measures to block or restrict Trump and his related accounts include Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, live streaming video platform twitch, e-commerce service Ping.

Taiwan Shopify, Instagram, Snapchat, Discord, Pinterest.

Among them, Twitter and Facebook have said that Trump will be banned indefinitely, and Spotify has stopped operating websites for Trump groups and campaign teams.

Property is at risk

“I think it’s a big problem for him,” said CNN contributor and Trump biographer Michael DeAntonio.

He has done a toll on a significant part of his business empire.”

Deutsche Bank has provided more than $300 million in loans to the Trump Group over the past decade, but the bank has been summoned by criminals. At the end of last month, two private bankers of Deutsche Bank, who worked most closely with Trump, resigned.

The hardest hit is Trump’s property, which may be the most affected by the Trump Hotel in the former post office building in Washington, D.C., where all operations may slow down or stall, and some contracts may be cancelled.

But even when the doors of real estate business are closed to Trump, based on the tens of millions of enthusiastic fans he owns, it also brings possibilities for him to take new business ventures and develop new sources of income.

Before last Wednesday, many people speculated that Trump would start his own media company after leaving office.

De Antonio said that although the impact of the Capitol attack, it is still a possibility.

Since the election, conservative TV networks OANN and Newsmax have attracted a large number of Trump fans, which have led to a huge increase in ratings.

De Antonio said that if Trump joined any network, his program would undoubtedly become the most watched one of them.” Which media can resist this huge attraction?”

In fact, Trump can also set up his own streaming website.

He only needs to attract 10% of his fans (about 7 million) to become subscribers to the website. Trump will earn more than $500 million a year by paying only $5.99 a month.

De Antonio said that even if Trump seriously damaged his brand last week, his overall business prospects may be better than before the president began in 2015.

His diehard fans can’t spend hundreds of dollars a night in his upscale hotel or play golf, but in mass markets, it’s obviously better!”