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Phone Photography Tricks Review

Phone Photography Tricks Review

by YCPress

Phone Photography Tricks Review

Phone Photography Tricks Review Photography is more than just a skill. If you can treat it as an interest, you might as well let it fit into your life habits. You don’t have to be in front of handsome guys, beautiful women and on the road to be useful.

Phone Photography Tricks Review

Everything in life can be your subject and scene. Just like the classic mantra of my musician friend Sicong: “Where there is a piano, where is my stage; where there are crowds, where is my scene!”

Phone Photography Tricks A convenient and powerful camera phone can greatly enhance your creation. Passion. Technology is not everything. As long as there is passion, creativity and feeling are things that go hand in hand. The rest can only rely on practice. 

As a hobby, not a profession, what is the practical significance of taking good photos?

The following is a mobile phone photography photo of Wuhan University’s cherry blossoms. I voted it for the Jue Next Gen 2014 Photography Contest via Instagram this summer and harvested a pair of Vans new all-leather sneakers,

As a senior player taking pictures with mobile phones, I will share my skills and experience below.

1. The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Photography

The reason why you took the picture “look good” and “not moving”, most likely because you made a mistake following seven:

  1. but not the phone;
  2. but not the light;
  3. do not know the composition;
  4. no focus ;
  5. The background is too dirty;
  6. The distance is too far;
  7. No creativity.
2. Phone Photography Tricks that quickly increase your charm

Phone Photography Tricks Goals:

1. Use mobile phones to take beautiful and creative photos;

2. Cultivate interest, accumulate RP and praise charm;

3. Make extra money, and meet your future girlfriend/boyfriend by chance! ! !

Solution: Introduce 9 simple and practical photography skills, and explain with “50” examples of mobile phone photography works and movie screenshots.

1. Understand the basic elements of photography-light 

(forward light, side light, top light, backlight, golden hour)
light is the life of photography. With light, everything has a form and color that can be perceived.

Before shooting, you must have the concept of light in your mind. Pay attention to the relationship between the subject, the shooting position and angle, and the light, whether it is forward light, side light, top light, or back light. To use light well, and to use light creatively, it is necessary to have light in the usual exercise center and slowly find a sense of light.

Phone Photography Tricks

The worst shooting time is noon, when the light is the most dazzling, the contrast is strong, the lack of vitality, the exposure is difficult to master, and the “yin and yang face” is prone to appear when shooting people.

The “prime time” of photography is early in the morning or in the evening, when the light is soft and the tones are warm, which casts a layer of mystery on the subject. If you can make creative ideas, the light in the morning or evening will add magic to your work.

2. Know your phone (scene, face recognition, portrait beautification, panorama, time-lapse exposure)

To take creative photos, you must first understand your phone. Generally, there are several common items in the camera function of mobile phones : 

Scenes: mobile phones with powerful camera functions generally support these scenes-normal, smart, macro, portrait, landscape, sports, night scene, snow scene, etc.,

close to professional For digital SLRs, if you have time before taking pictures, try to adjust to the corresponding scene so that the machine can find the most appropriate aperture, focal length and shutter time, and control the white balance. 

Phone Photography Tricks Review

Of course, I believe that most people will not waste their expressions and interest when they take out their phones to take pictures, so it is recommended to set the scene to “smart” in normal times.

Face recognition: Almost all smart phones now have this function, and it is automatic, so I won’t say more. When shooting portraits, just wait for the small white frame to come out and aim at the face and then press the shutter.

Portrait beautification/beauty: At this time, a powerful function that came into being in response to the market needs of the majority of girls and friends, can achieve freckle removal, microdermabrasion, and skin tone adjustment while taking pictures, and some can even achieve face-lifting and cosmetic contact lenses.

Phone Photography Tricks Review

Phone Photography Tricks Review Wait…but be careful, turn off this option when shooting landscapes, otherwise the image quality will be impaired.

Panorama: Panorama is a very fun feature. It used to be done only by using a digital camera + tripod + post-PS.

Now it can be done by just turning the phone around. If you encounter magnificent mountains, pleasant beaches, colorful rainbows, gorgeous sunset glow, or attractive model rooms, you should use the panoramic function to show your skills.

Slow shutter/delayed exposure: Another very fun feature. This was also a SLR patent back then, and now it has also begun to be transplanted to mobile phones. It is especially suitable for shooting crowds and traffic at night, creating interesting light graffiti. 

If you are smart enough, you can also try this mode to keep the mobile phone and the subject in a synchronous movement and a relatively static relationship to capture the pleasure of speed.

3. Composition (symmetry, golden section)
3. Composition (symmetry, golden section)

In photography and film, “symmetry” and “golden section” are two of the most commonly used and error-free composition methods.

Symmetry can give people a balanced, classical, and dignified beauty, and can even create a weird, gloomy, and oppressive atmosphere. 

Zhang Yimou’s “Raise the Red Lantern” and Wes Anderson’s “Budapest Hotel” are examples of symmetrical composition.

The golden ratio can make the work reveal an elegant and mysterious artistic temperament. Some mobile phones can display the “Tic Tac Toe” grid when taking pictures. This is the easiest golden section composition tool to master.

4. Focus (focus, level, foreground, medium shot, long shot)

And if you want to shoot the elegant composition like the classical oil painting of the Renaissance, you need to understand and experience the two high-level composition tools, the “Golden Spiral (also known as the Fibonacci Spiral)” and the “Golden Triangle”. 

Of course, there is no mobile phone, SLR camera, or even a video camera that will provide such a difficult composition tool. It must rely on brain power.

However, don’t let these rules recognized by academia restrict your creative thinking. You can create your own unique composition style, but this requires more thought and practice.

4. Focus (focus, level, foreground, medium shot, long shot)

Focus determines the visual focus of a photo. Many friends who have no idea of ​​the focus point often take photos that are out of focus-that is, the subject is blurred, which may be caused by not knowing how to focus or shaking hands. 

Mobile phone cameras can achieve auto focus, but auto focus uses center focus or scatter/global focus, which can only take care of most shooting needs. If the auto focus mode cannot focus on the subject you want to shoot, you must manually specify the focus position.

If you want to make your photos rich in “layering”, you need to know how to put the foreground, middle and long distance. Normally, you should place the subject in the middle ground and focus on the middle ground so that both the foreground (or not) and the distant scene are blurred.

“If the photo is not impressive, it is probably because the distance is not close enough, or the viewing position is not low enough. 

“Boldly approach your subject and capture enough details to make the photo more attractive.

5. Add some creativity to the photos (backlighting, misalignment, playing with mirror/glass, multiple exposures)
『The photos are too plain? That’s because you didn’t care about it at all! 』Want something new? Let’s play with backlighting…

6. Filters (polaroid, light leakage, black and white)
6. Filters (polaroid, light leakage, black and white)

My three favorite filters are (in different apps, the names are different):
Polaroid: you can shoot natural, vivid, and nostalgic life style;

Light leakage: This is an unexpected surprise created in the film era. LOMO cameras are also often used. Now it has been moved into the app filter, which greatly reduces the cost of harvesting such accidents.

However, the people who play with light leakage are still small, so you might as well Try

Black and white: This is the most classic hue, and it is also a hue that the public cannot appreciate very much in this era when everyone is looking for excitement and saturation. 

In the world of black and white, you can most truly feel the “lines” and “levels” brought by “light”, and the subtleties of “grayscale”. Black and white filters are suitable for expressing lines, shapes, textures, calmness, precipitation, and timeless content and subjects.

7. Objects, scenes and stories (clearance, decisive moment)
7. Objects, scenes and stories (clearance, decisive moment)

Photography is more than just a skill. If you can treat it as an interest, you might as well let it fit into your life habits. A powerful and convenient camera phone can greatly enhance your creative passion. 

You don’t have to be in front of handsome guys, beautiful women and on the road to be useful. Everything in life can be your subject and scene. 

Just like the classic mantra of my musician friend Sicong: “Where there is a piano, where is my stage; where there is a crowd, where is my scene!” Technology is not everything. As long as there is “passion”, creativity and feeling are things that are easy to come by. The rest can only rely on “training”.

Phone Photography Tricks Review

Phone Photography Tricks Review Object: It is the center and subject you want to shoot. It is the origin of your idea. Whether you want to photograph its lines, contours, posture, or color, speed, or an amazing moment, determines what shooting technique you adopt. 

Think about it, do you have a lot of water photos in your phone that you just press the shutter without thinking? Starting from the next photo, first think about what you want to take, and then think about how to take it.

Scene/background: is the environment where the subject is shot. The clean background gives people the feeling of simplicity, calmness and bright theme. 

All elements in the picture should form a certain relationship with the subject, or exist to create an atmosphere and enhance the story, otherwise they should be removed mercilessly. “One of the reasons why your photos don’t look good: the background is too dirty and messy”. 

All elements that have nothing to do with the subject and the story should not exist on the screen. So the first priority before shooting is to clear the scene!

Phone Photography Tricks Reviews

Phone Photography Tricks Reviews The decisive moment: that is the moment that makes a photo very “moving” and “feeling”. This moment can be captured naturally, but the requirements for shooting skills and equipment are very high; it can also be created by manual guidance, especially for shooting children and pets, this is especially effective. 

8. Travel and documentary

Because they are all ADHD! Can’t be quiet enough to wait for you to press the shutter! The following picture of a 3-month-old Samoyed is a moving moment induced by delicious food (how tired are you making it? I lay on the ground while seducing and taking pictures, and spent more than half an hour…)

Story: It is the soul of the work. If you can adjust all the elements and details in the animation and tell a story, then this work will have life.
The following picture was taken.

After getting up one morning, I suddenly found a seedling growing out of a bowl containing broken crystals and pebbles. 

It may be that the seeds of a plant on the balcony happened to fall into this bowl, and the broken crystals in the bowl were washed a few days ago, and there was residual water at the bottom of the bowl, so I left it on the balcony for two days. 

It was all these coincidences that gave birth to this tenacious little life.

In the photo below, in the foreground is an exquisite teapot-like wooden sculpture displayed on a slate; the background is blurred, and you can vaguely see the green retro table lamp, two Buddha statues, some literary toys, and a man wearing glasses. 

Is he doing carpentry work? Still playing on the phone? ! ! !

8. Travel and documentary

On the way to travel, it is the best photography training ground. For example, practice a difficult composition…

Practice how to capture portraits. Don’t worry that they will be disgusted. In fact, most locals and travelers abroad are very friendly to taking pictures.

9. How to make MM thin, white and tall? (Natural and confident)

Answer: Write three words on the photo after the shoot: thin, white, and tall. 

This is a false proposition. Are you fat or thin, white or black, tall or short, you and your friends know, why do you have to deceive yourself? Although the angle can create an illusion, the range is very limited. Life is already so hard, why bother with straight men?

Tucao about aesthetics and values

Next time if MM makes this request to you again, you have to say to her without hesitation: “In my eyes, healthy, natural and confident girls are the most beautiful.”

In the photo below, the model Even is very Natural, so very beautiful.

The coolness of retro cycling activities. She dyed her hair a rare blue; pierced her face; and wore rivet accessories around her neck. Such a dress will remind people of a punk youth with a very public personality and self, and it is easy to create a sense of distance. 

But she is natural, confident, unpretentious, and friendly, so she is very beautiful.

3. Tucao about aesthetics and values

1. Being able to take pictures is not a necessary condition for being a good friend or a good boyfriend.
Recently, there was a post about many girls complaining about their boyfriends’ poor camera skills, which can only catch them. Many portals and self-media are circulating. 

I really want to sigh for the disordered value orientation of the media and the aesthetic standards of the masses in the Internet age.

Phone Photography Tricks Review Taking pictures is not a survival skill, nor is it a housework. It is just a hobby and a bonus item. In fact, friends and boyfriends have no responsibility or obligation to take “good pictures” for girls that all your female friends say you are “beautiful”. 

If you have a boyfriend or a boyfriend who can take pictures, it is your honor; your friends and boyfriends are not good at taking pictures, it will not affect their other advantages. If you care about this very much, you can go and find someone who can take “private photos” to be your boyfriend.

Phone Photography Tricks Review

2. Everyone’s perception of beauty is biased, and I cannot capture the beauty that you agree with.

To put it bluntly, many people’s aesthetics are problematic-they don’t know what true beauty is, they don’t have self-confidence, and they love vanity, so they follow the trend and create a deformed aesthetic that floods the Internet: thin Must be thin, very thin, thin as chopsticks; face must be small, no spots + no moles + no pores; sharp chin, high nose bridge; BIG breasts! eyes! pupils! To be very big! These are especially the aesthetics of most Amazon sellers.

What is beauty in my opinion: As mentioned above, healthy, natural, and confident people are the most beautiful. If our aesthetics are different, I will not be able to meet your requirements.