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Peru’s intensive care unit is approaching saturation, only 25% of the beds are available.

by YCPress

December 26 According to the Peruvian Public News, the latest report released by the Peruvian Ministry of Health on the 24th local time shows that the load capacity of the country’s intensive care unit has reached its limit, and only 25% of intensive care beds nationwide can continue to be put into use.

Specifically, the utilization rate of all intensive care units in Piura is 100%, the utilization rate of Lanbayeque intensive care unit is 95%, and Lima intensive care unit utilization rate is 85%.

In addition to the above-mentioned areas, the use of intensive care units in at least ten other areas is also high.

“It is true that the demand for wards will change over time, but the use of wards has been on the rise since a few weeks ago, and more and more patients need intensive care,” said Luis Rodríguez, director of the Peru’s National Center for Epidemiology.

Juan Pasquale, head of Piura Regional Health Center, pointed out that Piura has 74 intensive care beds for the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, but this is far from enough.

They hope that the Ministry of Health will provide more intensive care beds; the head of the Lambeyeque Regional Health Center, the table It shows that 95% of intensive care beds have been put into use, and Lambeyeque has a total of 40 beds. Some confirmed patients in serious cases want to be admitted for treatment.

However, due to the lack of preliminary preparation in the beds and the shortage of medical staff, they were unable to check in.

Therefore, the Lambeyeque Regional Health Center hopes that the government can increase the number of beds and assign more medical staff.