Peru tightens its pandemic prevention policy to deal with the second wave of COVID-19

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The Peruvian government held a press conference on the afternoon of the 13th local time and announced that in order to curb the second wave of COVID-19, it would strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic in some areas, including the capital Lima.

Starting from the 15th of this month, the flow of people in restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and other indoor business places will be strictly restricted.

Starting from the 16th, restrictions on the movement of vehicles and people have been implemented in areas with severe epidemics such as Lima. In addition, local governments will set differentiated curfew schedules according to the actual spread of the epidemic.

Beaches in some areas will remain closed until January 31.

The Ministry of Health said that at present, the health system receives more patients every day, and the epidemic is in an accelerated spread period.

With the increase of the risk of infection, the government will adjust the risk level of each place every 15 days according to the changes of the epidemic and formulate corresponding epidemic prevention policies.

So far, Peru has more than 1.04 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 38,000 deaths.

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