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Paris mayor refuses weekend lockdown and supports opening public space

Paris mayor refuses weekend lockdown and supports opening public space

by YCPress

March 2 The pandemic in all eight provinces of Paris, France, is currently under strict surveillance.

On March 1 local time, Paris Mayor Anna Hidalgo said at a press conference that she opposed the “weekend blockade” in Paris and the three suburbs, which she thought was a difficult or even inhumane proposal, and instead advocated opening public places.

According to French BFM TV, the Paris municipal government discussed possible next anti-pandemic measures with regional health agencies, district governments and police stations on March 1.

First Deputy Mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire, had proposed a three-week blockade on February 25.

David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris for transportation and public transformation, also said on March 1 that the blockade of Paris alone is ineffective and stronger measures must be taken throughout the Paris region.

But Anna Hidalgo ruled out the lockdown proposal.

Anna Hidalgo also announced at a press conference that Paris’ parks and gardens will be open until 6 p.m. to allow Parisians to enjoy the outdoor activities.

She believes that as long as you wear a mask and follow protective measures outdoors, the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus is very low.

Anna Hidalgo has made suggestions to deal with the pandemic, such as mobilizing all clinics to help relieve the pressure on public hospitals; implementing larger-scale saliva testing on campus; and quadrupling the vaccination to speed up vaccination, and using Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines for community residents, staff of nurseries and educational institutions, and police officers.

Seed; It is recommended that the Ministry of Education allow teachers to attend classes outdoors as much as possible, and the municipal government will provide squares and public gardens for this purpose. Considering that students’ health, including mental health, has been deteriorating, she suggested that students should provide more places for students to study quietly.

In addition to the open libraries, museums should also be opened for students. Public spaces in theaters, stadiums and other places.

The Paris Region (number of confirmed cases per 100,000 residents per week) has risen by 22 percent in the past two weeks, and the incidence rate in the last week has reached 323, which is comparable to the second wave of pandemic in October 2020.

The sharp deterioration of the local pandemic curve is particularly worrying. In early February, the pandemic data in the Paris region was basically stable, but the data suddenly rose between the second and third weeks of February, and all eight provinces showed this trend.

If the pandemic curve continues to worsen, stricter restrictions will be imposed on March 6, not precluding the start of a weekend lockdown, according to French Prime Minister Jean Castel.