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Paris Court of Appeals Increases Penalties for Robbing Asian Criminal Suspects

Paris Court of Appeals Increases Penalties for Robbing Asian Criminal Suspects

by YCPress

November 16th. According “Europe Times”, the Court of Appeal of Paris, France, recently imposed a lawsuit against the Créteil Law The three judges in the court case appealed against a criminal gang that specializes in robbing Asian women in the southern suburbs of Paris. The three were sentenced to 4-7 years in prison, and the principal criminal Ilyes Z was sentenced to 4-7 years in prison. One year was increased on the basis, and the actual sentence was 7 years in total. The accomplice Marvin V was sentenced to 6 years in prison, and Joachim P was sentenced to 4 years in prison, suspended for 2 years.

On May 15 this year, the Créteil court in the Val-de-Marne, Paris region, sentenced it to special robbery in the southern suburbs of Paris from February to May 2019 for “aggravating circumstances involving racial crimes” The three Asian thugs were imprisoned ranging from 3 to 6 years. The fourth person in the group was adjourned to the juvenile court because he was a minor. The police recorded 28 robberies, 26 of which were victims of Asian women.

The court investigation proved that the violent robbery of these three people was obviously racially criminal. They stalked and robbed the area from Ivry-sur-Seine and Vitry-sur-Seine to the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

Therefore, they target Chinese people, especially women commuting to get off work, and then use self-service battery cars or rented cars to escape from the scene…Because they can’t distinguish the difference between Chinese and Asian people, Among the looted crowd, there were also Asians who were not of Chinese descent. They often did not rob large amounts of cash from the victims. Sometimes the “trophies” were 10 Euros, 20 Euros or some meal coupons.

The judge believed that this crime was suspected of “racial discrimination” and the circumstances were very bad, and he strongly condemned it during the trial. The Paris prosecutor believed that this was a racist and violent crime and demanded that the criminals be sentenced to 5 to 8 years in prison.

In the end, the court agreed with the prosecution and the defendant’s lawyers for the crime of robbery involving racial discrimination, and sentenced the three people for their actions: Elis was sentenced to 6 years in prison; Marwan was sentenced to 5 years with a one-year probation; Joachim Mu was sentenced to 3 years, suspended for 18 months. In addition to the sentence, compensation must be made for the victim’s loss. The judge stated that the sentence included aggravated penalties for “behaviors that violate certain basic values.”

After the court pronounced the verdict, the three people appealed against the verdict. The Paris Court of Appeal agreed that it involved racial discrimination and the punishment should be aggravated. Therefore, the principal culprit Elis was sentenced to 7 years in prison. The other two people also aggravated the sentence and demanded compensation for the victims. After the court sentence was pronounced, Elis protested in court. But the court was unmoved.

Many groups committed to fighting racial discrimination believe that the verdict made in the French Coronavirus pandemic is historic, marking that the French judicial system has directly said “no” to racial discrimination, especially the recent occurrence of discrimination and provocations against Asians.

This year, the court has successively tried racially discriminatory robbery groups, especially those targeting Asians.

On July 23, the Bobigny Tribunal (Bobigny) in the northern suburbs of Paris, France, heard the case of the besieged member of the Chinese escort near the subway station in La Courneuve on the evening of June 13 and made a judgment. Among the three adults who wounded the Chinese, two of the principal offenders were sentenced to 3 years (one of them was at large and was tried in absentia), and one was sentenced to 2 years and was fined.

After the release of the Paris region, violent robberies in the northern suburbs of Paris, which had always had security problems, increased sharply, and the gangsters became more severe than before. The gangsters are not only targeting overseas Chinese, but violently robbing all the singles, especially women. To this end, some righteous and brave Chinese youths living in the neighborhood and nearby organized the “Chinese Community Alliance” spontaneously. Among them, the “Brothers United Rescue Team” used their spare time to voluntarily pick up and drop off the Chinese in the subway station, or help the victims deal with emergencies after receiving reports Circumstances, they are called “Brother Union”. 

The emergence of the “Brothers’ League” stopped many crimes on the scene. On June 13, the young guards of the “Brothers Union” received a request for help from a person who was robbed at a subway station, and met these criminal gangs when they went to the scene for rescue. The criminals gathered more than a dozen people to besiege and fight against members of the “Brothers League”. After receiving the report, the police immediately dispatched the police. The police arrested 3 people who took the lead in committing the crime on the spot, and 1 person fled. The detainees included a minor.

With the active cooperation of the victim, the prosecution quickly ascertained the facts. Only one month later, the court opened a trial and made a judgment in court. The speed of this trial is rare.

On September 3, the Bobigny Court also opened a trial to six suspects who committed violent robbery against Chinese in many parts of the Paris region. The prosecution demanded that six suspects be sentenced to up to seven years in prison. On the 4th, the Bobigny Court pronounced a sentence, and 6 people were sentenced to 2 to 6 years in prison.

The above 6 persons were suspected of carrying out more than a dozen violent attacks against Chinese in Paris, La Courneuve, Pantin and Aubervilliers from August to October 2018. There were more than 20 victims of crimes. All the suspects were Parisians, aged between 18 and 21 at the time of the crime, and the method of committing the crime was “well-organized” and specifically targeted at the Chinese.

In October 2018, the city of Paris dispatched more than 60 police officers and arrested 11 young people between the ages of 17 and 19.

The court found that these young suspects squatted at the entrances of restaurants or wholesale stores frequented by Asians. The suspects “divided labor in advance”, “acted accurately and quickly” and showed “obvious professionalism”. They specifically targeted the Chinese, followed the victims, and “waited for the victim’s residence” to start “violent” attacks and robberies on the victims. The 6-member task force of the Oberhvillier City Police Department identified the 11 suspects through telephone monitoring and surveillance cameras.

They were “all violent robberies”. At that time, the prosecutors determined that all these organized crimes of violent robbery involved “ethnic reasons” and the cases were “racially colored”, requiring the court to increase penalties and sentence them to 2 to 7 years in prison. In the end, the court sentenced 6 people to real sentences ranging from 2 to 6 years.

It is worth noting that very few victims testify in court. Except for the victims of the “Brothers Alliance” incident who had the courage to testify in court and cooperate with the investigation, only one of the more than 30 victims appeared in court at the Crédée Tribunal in May to testify, and at the Bobigny Court hearing on September 3 , None of the victims showed up at the scene.