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Pandemic in India : The epidemic in India has been very serious this period of time

Pandemic in India : The Pandemic in India has been very serious this period of time

by YCPress

The Pandemic in India has been very serious this period of time. India has even become the second major country after the United States. It is no exaggeration to say that they want to control it in a short time. The Pandemic in India is very difficult. But misfortunes never come singly. Bad news once again spread across India’s border. All members of a patrol team were killed, and then the command center wailed.

According to the People’s Daily Overseas Network, six soldiers patrolling along the Indian border suffered a landslide. They were all buried and all patrolling soldiers were killed because they did not have time to respond. After the accident, Indian officials released photos of the scene. From the photos at the time, it can be seen that most of the trucks were buried under the mud. In this case, the soldiers had no way to escape. After learning of this news, they all expressed their shock. This kind of accident in India is no longer one or two incidents. Their army often has some accidents, most of which are caused by humans.

After investigation, the occurrence of this accident has a lot to do with the poor performance of their transportation vehicles. The road conditions along the border are very poor. A large part of the roads are temporarily repaired, and safety is not guaranteed at all. In order to improve this situation, India specifically sought the help of the United States before, hoping that the United States could provide them with special medium-sized transport trucks.

However, the current situation of the United States itself is very bad, and there is no way to provide it to India now. Help, it may take a long time for India to solve this problem, but whether this problem can be solved in the end depends on the attitude of the United States. If the United States refuses to provide trucks to India, India can only use its own domestic trucks.

At the same time, the Pandemic within the Indian army is spreading rapidly. Because of slack in the Pandemic, after a soldier was infected, the relevant parties did not test him, which directly led to contact with multiple soldiers during the infection process. Finally, it was not until the soldier died that he was found to be a coronavirus infection.

It has to be said that India’s management of the military is very poor, and it does not pay attention to the Pandemic at all. This has led to the continuous emergence of confirmed cases in the military. Judging from the current development of the domestic Pandemic in India, it wants to better It is impossible to control the Pandemic. If a serious Pandemic breaks out in the army, there is no way to calculate the damage caused by India.

In fact, the Pandemic in India was not very serious before, and the Pandemic in many areas has been effectively controlled. However, in order to better promote the development of the country’s economy, Modi gradually relaxed related measures and successively Many public places were opened, which caused the Pandemic in India to spread rapidly in a short period of time. The outbreak of the Pandemic in the Indian army is also a big problem facing India. In order to better ensure the safety of soldiers, India must treat these infected soldiers in a short time, otherwise the consequences will be very terrible.

Modi’s wrong actions at the time have caused India to face a great crisis. It is now very difficult to make changes. Modi has been severely responsibilities within the domestic party. If in a short time If there is no way to change this status quo, Modi’s recognition will gradually decrease, and even the domestic people will gradually reduce their support for him.

Pandemic in India : The epidemic in India has been very serious this period of time