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Pandemic hits Malaysian police: over 200 infected, tens of thousands isolated

by YCPress

October 27. According to media reports, the outbreak of the new Coronavirus in Malaysia has become increasingly severe, and front-line personnel such as police and medical personnel have suffered a huge impact. Among them, as of now, 10,000 police officers are under quarantine due to the Coronavirus, and more than 200 police officers have been diagnosed with the infection and received treatment. Officials in the country said the deployment and mobilization of the police are facing huge challenges.

Data map: On October 12, local time, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, people were buying living supplies in a supermarket. On the same day, the Malaysian government announced that it would implement a two-week conditional movement restriction order in many places including the capital Kuala Lumpur. 

According to reports, Malaysian Interior Minister Datuk Seri Han Sa Zainuddin said that many police officers were infected with the new Coronavirus while performing tasks or conducting inspections in the “red zone” of the Pandemic.

He frankly said that a large number of police officers have been isolated and infected, which has brought huge challenges and pressure to the deployment and mobilization of the police. “The police department has now regarded the current situation as a security issue.”

He hopes that the public can understand why the government needs additional tools to contain the Pandemic. He said: “We must grasp time, and we have little time left. This has nothing to do with politics. What we do is not to help who becomes our prime minister. The COVID-19 pandemic is contained to save lives, and cases will continue to rise unless We took some drastic actions.”

Up to now, the total number of confirmed cases in Malaysia has reached 27,805, and the total number of deaths has reached 236. In order to cut the chain of virus transmission, the government announced the extension of Pandemic prevention restrictions in many places. In areas with severe Pandemic, most economic activities are allowed to proceed as usual, but cross-regional travel, group cultural, sports and entertainment activities are all restricted.