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Pandemic data remains high, more than 70% of French support lockdown until the end of the year

by YCPress

November 3 power France started the second round of the National blockade from October 30, at least until December 1, but many health experts believe that four weeks is not enough to reverse the pandemic situation is blocked. 

According to the latest survey conducted by the French research company Ifop for No Com, more than 70% of French people accept the extension of the blockade to Christmas and year-end holidays.

According to the French TV station BFM, according to this October 29-30 survey of people over the age of 18, 71% of French people are “ready” to continue to be blocked after December 1 and even during the Christmas and New Year holidays. 

However, acceptance varies according to different age groups, regions and work situations. This is low among young people under 25. 39% oppose extending the lockdown period, 35% of Parisians oppose it, and 36% of businesses say Against, 37% of working-class people oppose it. 

The survey also shows that French people are increasingly worried about contracting the Coronavirus. 56% of respondents worry that they or their family members will be infected in the next few weeks. In the 50-64 year-old age group, this proportion rises to 62%.

Pierre Giacometti, founder of the French company No Com, said, “People’s fear of Coronavirus is catching up with the fear of unemployment.”

He explained that in the past few weeks of the second wave of the pandemic, the French It is fully realized that a serious and long-term health crisis is being experienced. Compared with this spring, this is a significant change. When the first wave of the pandemic occurred, the French generally believed that it was just a winter pandemic.

Now, people’s fear of the pandemic crisis and economic crisis has reached an unprecedented level. 63% of the interviewees believe that strict restrictions should be adopted to protect the health of everyone, and 37% of the interviewees believe that normal life should be quickly restored to protect the economy and living standards. 

In terms of age, the elderly are more concerned about health risks, while the young people are mainly concerned about career prospects, fearing unemployment or not finding a job.

As of the afternoon of the 2nd, the number of confirmed patients with Coronavirus in France reached 1,464,433, an increase of 52,518 cases within 24 hours, breaking the record of daily increase in patients again.