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Attack in northwest Pakistan, killing 4 and injuring 2

Pakistan’s religious school bombing has caused 7 deaths and 120 injuries

by YCPress

Islamabad, October 27 An explosion attack occurred on the morning of the 27th in a religious school in Peshawar in the northwestern city of Pakistan. According to local hospitals and police, the attack killed at least 7 students and more than 120 people. Injured.

Burki, deputy director of Ms. Redding Hospital in Peshawar, told Xinhua News Agency that the hospital had received the remains of 7 victims and 90 injured, of which 5 were seriously injured, and more than 30 injured were treated in other hospitals. . He said many people were burned and some were hit by steel balls and other objects.

Gul, the head of the Peshawar area of ​​the Pakistani rescue agency Eddie Foundation, told reporters that the explosion caused a fire in the school. After rescuers arrived, they worked with nearby people to put out the fire and carry out rescue work. The victims were between 15 and 18 years old.

On October 27, police were working at the explosion site in Peshawar, Pakistan. Published by Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Said Ahmed)

The person in charge of the Peshawar police told Xinhua News Agency that the suspect hid a school bag containing explosives in the school. Many students were in class when the explosion occurred. The police have sealed off the scene of the explosion, launched further investigations and made every effort to arrest the suspect.

Currently, no organization or individual has claimed to have caused this attack.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the attack, expressed deep condolences to the victims and wished the injured a speedy recovery.