Home Politics Pakistan passed legislation to castrate continuous rapists
Pakistan passed legislation to castrate continuous rapists

Pakistan passed legislation to castrate continuous rapists

by YCPress

November 18, local time, Waqar Hussain, an official of Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, said that the country’s parliament passed a bill on the 17th to use chemical castration as a possible punishment for continuous rapists, and the relevant law also called for speeding up the treatment of suspected sexual crimes. The progress of the trial.

According to Reuters and the Hindustan Times on the 18th, Wakar Hussein said that the country’s parliament passed the 2021 criminal law amendment introducing chemical castration on the 17th, and the relevant laws will be implemented immediately.

According to a report by Pakistan’s Tribune Express on the 18th, the bill passed by Pakistan’s parliament on the same day also provides for the establishment of special investigation teams and special courts to ensure that sexual assault cases are heard “promptly and within 4 months as far as possible”.

In addition, gang rape offenders will be sentenced to death or life imprisonment. According to data released by the Pakistani NGO “War on Rape”, less than 3% of sexual assault or rape cases have been convicted in Pakistan.

Chemical castration is a drug control method that regularly injects or takes androgen drugs to reduce male hormones and inhibit sexual impulses, but the effect is reversible and does not completely depleasinate people. Several states in South Korea, Poland, the Czech Republic and the United States have introduced this penalty.

According to the new law, chemical castration of recidivists of rape must be carried out by an informed medical committee.

Sexual assaults in Pakistan increased last year. In September, a mother of two children was raped by two men while driving on a main highway, which shocked Pakistan across the country. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan then called for chemical castration of rapists.