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Pakistan officially began to vaccinate medical personnel against coronavirus.

Pakistan officially began to vaccinate medical personnel against coronavirus.

by YCPress

Islamabad, February 3rd Pakistan launched the “National Coronavirus Immunization Plan” on the 3rd to vaccinate front-line medical personnel nationwide against the novel coronavirus vaccine of China National Pharmaceutical Group.

Asad Omar, the Minister of Planning, Development and Special Projects of Pakistan, attended the launch ceremony in the capital Islamabad and thanked the Chinese government for providing vaccine assistance to Pakistan.

Three frontline medical staff were vaccinated in the presence of Omar.

Omar said that Pakistan’s front-line medical staff have made great sacrifices and contributions to the fight against the epidemic, and the Pakistani government will ensure that they are vaccinated against the novel coronavirus to ensure their safety.

“We are confident that the Chinese vaccine will effectively help the Pakistani people reduce the risk of infection.” Omar said at the launch ceremony.

Chinese vaccine, Consino’s adenovirus vector vaccine, is undergoing phase III clinical trials in Pakistan, which has been booked.

Rizwana Yasmin of the Pakistan Academy of Medical Sciences told Xinhua News Agency that she has been working in the isolation and intensive care unit for the novel coronavirus since July 2020.

Yasmin thanked China for reaching out in times of difficulties in Pakistan and called on people to get vaccinated to control the epidemic as soon as possible.

Pakistan’s National Command and Operations Center for COVID-19 Response said that in addition to Islamabad, the National Coronavirus Immunization Program was launched simultaneously in Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and other places.

A batch of coronavirus vaccine donated by the Chinese government to Pakistan was officially handed over to Pakistan on the 1st at Nur Khan Air Force Base near Islamabad.

On the 2nd, witnessed by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, a medical staff took the lead in vaccination.

According to the COVID-19 data released by the Ministry of Health of Pakistan on the 3rd, the country has 1,384 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 compared with the previous day, with a total of 549,032; 56 new deaths, with a total of 11,802; and 1,509 new cured cases, with a total of 504,046 cases.