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Crossfire broke out in many places on the line of actual control between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan accuses India of launching an information war against Pakistan

by YCPress

Pakistan accused India of financing a long-term disinformation campaign against it and said it would raise the matter on a global platform.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi said on Friday that India is trying to manipulate international institutions through fake news websites and organizations.

He cited a report by the European non-governmental organization, the European Union’s Anti-False Information Laboratory.

The report exposes a network of hundreds of fake media and organizations that have promoted pro-India plans in the European Union and United Nations agencies to discredit India’s opponents, especially Pakistan.

The EU Anti-False Information Laboratory did not elaborate on any direct link between the network and the Indian government, and Reuters did not have independent evidence in this regard.

“Today, India is manipulating and abusing the international system to serve its evil attempts,” Qureshi said at a press conference.

He also said that the Indian government funded the network.

Qureshi called on the United Nations and its Human Rights Council to immediately investigate and delist “the 10 counterfeit NGOs created by India to defame Pakistan”.

He also asked the European Parliament to start investigating what he claimed to manipulate the European Parliament and its legislative process.

This manipulation was carried out by “fake organizations involved in anti-Pakistan propaganda in India’s fully funded disinformation and influence operation”.

According to the report, New Delhi refuted these allegations, saying that it was Pakistan who spread false information.