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Over 100 convicted UK terrorists eligible for parole will be released early next month

Over 100 convicted UK terrorists eligible for parole will be released early next month

by YCPress

November 9th. A 20-year-old convicted terrorist in Britain is about to be released. The man is suspected of inciting an 18-year-old Australian to behead a police officer in the Melbourne Anzac Day parade. 

The man is one of more than 100 convicted terrorists in the UK. After meeting the conditions for parole, they may be released in the UK, some as early as next month.

According to a report by the Daily Mail on November 8, other people who may be released include two childhood friends who have received weapons training in Syria.

A Londoner who downloaded a terrorism manual with assassination instructions, and A man trying to join ISIS to marry a 9-year-old girl. 

According to reports, in February this year, Britain’s first terrorist incited by al-Qaeda was released.

Last week, the British government decided to raise the terrorist threat level to “serious”, which means that a terrorist attack is “very likely”. Prior to this, there were terrorist attacks in Paris and Vienna.

The attack in Austria involved a 20-year-old gunman who was imprisoned last year for trying to join ISIS abroad and was released early. The head of the British police is worried that the increase in terrorism in Europe may encourage jihadists to launch attacks in the UK, and the release of criminals may further consume resources.

The Anzac Day planner, with his initials RXG, is now 20 years old and was granted parole last month. RXG is a child offender and was granted life anonymity by the High Court. 

He was sentenced to prison in October 2015 and was ordered to serve at least five years in prison. Before he used social media and encrypted messages to incite 18-year-old Australian Safedt Besim to behead guarding the Melbourne Anzac Day parade Policemen. After the conspiracy was thwarted, he was sentenced to ten years in prison.

According to The Times, the parole committee was originally scheduled to meet on November 6 to discuss RXG’s freedom petition, but it was difficult for the criminal’s lawyer to get in touch with his client. 

The hearing is expected to be held shortly after December 2. According to court documents regarding RXG’s rehabilitation, the probability of RXG being released is high.

Many convicted terrorists must now serve at least two-thirds of their sentences before they can be considered for release by the parole board. In February of this year, the government revised the law to prevent these people from being automatically released. 

Officials revealed last weekend that two-thirds of the 110 people had already been released on parole by Attorney General Robert Buckland.