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OPPO launches three concept products technological transition to accelerate the integration of everything

OPPO launches three concept products technological transition to accelerate the integration of everything

by YCPress

Chinanews.com, November 19th. At the OPPO INNO DAY 2020 held in Shenzhen a few days ago, OPPO put forward for the first time “science and technology for people, good for the world”, and clarified the “3+N+X” Technological transition strategy. 

At the same time, OPPO also launched the OPPO X 2021 scrolling screen concept machine, a new generation of AR glasses OPPO AR Glass 2021, and the full-time space computing AR application OPPO CybeReal.

Liu Chang, Vice President of OPPO and Dean of the Research Institute, said: “The ‘3+N+X’ technology leap strategy is a solid foundation to support the construction of an integrated ecosystem of all things.

Under this R&D layout, OPPO released the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine, showing OPPO’s latest thinking on the form of mobile phones, while bringing aesthetic and functional enhancements, provides people with more benign technological products and experiences; launched OPPO AR Glass 2021 and OPPO CybeReal, from the aspects of hardware, software and service basic technology.

In-depth exploration of AR and the social and life value it may create.”

OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine-the latest result of the exploration of mobile terminal form

OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine is equipped with a stepless OLED flexible scroll screen with a minimum of 6.7 inches and a maximum of 7.4 inches. Users can adjust the size of the screen according to actual needs to obtain a more appropriate information control interface.

 Thanks to OPPO’s self-developed Roll Motor powertrain, dual-matrix embedded clutch structure, and screen dynamic area skeleton stacking, the OPPO X 2021 rolling screen concept machine can achieve almost “zero crease” during the process of switching between large and small screens. Freely retractable screen effect like a picture scroll.

OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine

OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept

Roll Motor Powertrain: There are two built-in drive motors in the body, which output constant force for the retracting and pushing out of the screen, ensuring uniform force during the screen movement, and avoiding sudden forceful opening and closing to damage the screen. 

The movable side of the scroll screen mobile phone has a built-in pulley scroll with a diameter of 6.8mm. This size can effectively ensure that the flexible screen hardly produces creases after bending; the screen moves along the central axis, and the pulley ensures that the screen is always in the process of bending. Smooth and smooth.

Dual matrix embedded clutch structure: The OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine has two double matrix embedded clutch structures on the left and right. When the screen is closed, the two pallets are seamlessly spliced ​​into a plane; when the screen is unfolded, one of the pallets slides out to support the unfolded screen, ensuring that the screen is effectively supported in any form. 

In addition, the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine is also equipped with a new “dynamic frame” composed of two parts: a fixed frame and a sliding frame. The sliding frame and the back glass battery cover move with the screen during the screen size change, providing more reliable support when the screen is unfolded.

Frame laminate in the dynamic area of ​​the screen: In order to prevent the bending of the scroll screen from being affected by the increase in resilience and the overall thickness of the screen, OPPO independently developed the frame laminate in the dynamic area of ​​the screen, using high-strength steel as the main material and the thinnest part Only 0.1mm; with the linear pattern etched on the laminated surface, it does not increase the bending resilience of the screen under the premise of providing sufficient support, and provides reliable protection like the track of a tank.

The innovative scroll screen of the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine can be steplessly adjusted from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches, bringing new possibilities for entertainment, office and other scenarios. Different from the folding screen with a fixed screen size, users can automatically adjust the size suitable for viewing according to the video screen ratio, freely switch to a size close to the e-book when reading, and receive complete message pop-ups while playing games. 

The stepless large screen of the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine can also provide a “parallel space” browsing interface when users use information applications such as browsers, news clients, etc. The screen can be displayed hierarchically, allowing users to avoid frequent clicks to return to the previous Repetitive operations on pages.

The OPPO X 2021 scrolling screen concept machine is another bold attempt by OPPO on the shape of the mobile phone screen, condensing OPPO’s rich technical reserves and patent deposits in the field of special-shaped screens and structural stacking. In the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine, there are as many as 122 patents, including 12 core patents related to the scroll structure.

OPPO AR Glass 2021 further explores the digital world

OPPO AR Glass 2021 adopts a new split design, which is nearly 75% lighter than the previous generation. Thanks to the lightweight structure and OPPO’s continuous optimization of ergonomics, users will not have significant weight if worn for a long time. Sense. 

OPPO AR Glass 2021 is connected to the mobile phone through the C to C data cable, which can take advantage of the powerful CPU and GPU computing power of the mobile phone platform to bring a significant increase in performance.

OPPO AR Glass 2021

OPPO AR Glass 2021

In terms of core components, OPPO AR Glass 2021 is equipped with a new Birdbath optical solution. Compared with the previous generation of AR glasses, the image contrast has been improved by 53% and the brightness uniformity has been improved by 98%.

The virtual picture is displayed on the dual 0.71-inch OLED screens and is refracted by the beam splitter to the human eye, and superimposes the real environment through the concave optical mirror to realize the fusion of the virtual picture and the real environment. 

In order to achieve a better “virtual and real fusion” effect, OPPO AR Glass 2021 has increased the number of pixels per degree of field of view by 40%, bringing lifelike virtual images and a seamless fusion of virtual and real. 

With customized 94 square millimeter large amplitude speakers and a unique acoustic design with a semi-open rear cavity, OPPO AR Glass 2021 can achieve a home theater-like audio-visual experience comparable to watching a 90-inch large TV from 3 meters away in a movie scene.

OPPO AR Glass 2021 can realize a variety of natural interaction methods including mobile phone interaction, gesture interaction, and spatial positioning. OPPO AR Glass 2021 integrates a binocular fisheye lens, 1 TOF depth sensor, and 1 RGB sensor. Through the binocular fisheye camera, OPPO AR Glass 2021 can detect and track both hands in milliseconds.

OPPO marks a single hand with 21 key points in the process of hand modeling, and each finger marks 4 joint points, which can accurately capture finger joint micro-movements and recognize interactive gestures. The user can complete precise operations such as tapping the menu, pushing away or zooming in with objects through preset gestures.

The spatial positioning system provides users with a real and natural spatial interactive experience in the AR world. The spatial positioning system of OPPO AR Glass 2021 is composed of a ToF lens, a binocular fisheye lens and an IMU.

The ToF lens completes environmental scanning and plane detection, and ensures the spatial continuity of the user at all times; the binocular fisheye lens performs real-time environmental monitoring Shooting and local map construction, complete three-dimensional spatial positioning calculations within milliseconds, achieve positioning accuracy within centimeters and within 1°, and constantly update and feedback the user’s real-time position in space.

In addition, the combination of the split design and the mobile phone enables users to complete the interaction through the familiar touch and sliding of the mobile phone screen, achieving a natural interaction effect like controlling a smart TV with a remote control. In the future, OPPO will use Breeno as the basis to further explore voice interaction methods in the AR field.

Currently, OPPO AR Glass 2021 has been equipped with self-developed applications such as multiplayer MOBA games, tower defense games and AR cameras. OPPO is also actively working with partners such as iQiyi and JD.com to implement innovative experiences such as AR movie viewing and AR home furnishing on OPPO AR Glass 2021.

OPPO’s full-time space computing AR application-CybeReal

CybeReal can fully reproduce scenes and objects in the physical world, from cities with tall buildings to a street sign on the side of the street, as digital models in the virtual world; and through the sensors of terminal devices, the scene can be observed and analyzed , And finally present users with richer digital information based on the physical world in the form of augmented reality. CybeReal includes three core supporting technologies: digital reconstruction of the physical world, full-time high-precision positioning and OPPO cloud services.

Full-time spatial computing AR application OPPO CybeReal

Full-time spatial computing AR application OPPO CybeReal

Digital reconstruction of the physical world: By combining manual collection and third-party authoritative data, CybeReal first digitally reconstructs the physical world and draws it into a digital model with centimeter-level accuracy, and then integrates, anchors and semantically extracts the data to make it available The ability to perceive the digital world.

Full-time high-precision positioning: OPPO CybeReal integrates multi-sensor data, uses GPS, IMU, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth status, and network information to initially determine positioning; uses cameras and SLAM algorithms to further spatial positioning; and then introduces artificial intelligence to let semantic learning A mobile phone or other terminal equipped with CybeReal understands the images it sees, and realizes millisecond-level positioning, centimeter-level positioning accuracy within 1°, so that the user’s every move can be instantaneously responded in the virtual world.

OPPO Cloud Service: The intelligent perception capability construction of CybeReal multi-terminal multi-sensor multi-modal fusion needs to rely on the storage, computing and data management capabilities of OPPO cloud. In the future, with the user’s permission, OPPO will update cloud data through real-time feedback from users to realize self-repair of computing data.

At last year’s Future Technology Conference, OPPO proposed to build a new ecosystem for the integration of everything, released the first generation of AR glasses, and deployed multiple smart terminals. This year, OPPO further proposed the “3+N+X” technology transition strategy to support the future ecological construction of the integration of everything, and released the OPPO X 2021 scrolling screen concept machine, OPPO AR Glass 2021 and OPPO CybeReal, and continuously explored new forms of interaction between people and technology. And the ultimate form of product landing. OPPO is bringing people more well-intentioned technological products and experiences through the innovative path of technological integration, and accelerating the development of the integration of all things through technological leap.