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OPPO Future Technology Conference released three concept products

OPPO Future Technology Conference released three concept products

by YCPress

Founder and CEO of OPPO, first mentioned the “goodness of science and technology for people, good for the world” at the “OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020” held in Shenzhen on the 17th The concept of “innovative innovation” believes that if there is no self-restraint mechanism for technological innovation and no higher concepts to support, it is likely to become a burden.

OPPO also announced the “3+N+X” technology transition strategy. OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine, OPPO AR Glass 2021 concept glasses and OPPO Cybe Real full-time space computing AR application three concept products were also released at the conference.

Chen Mingyong said, “Science and technology are people, and the world is good” is intended to provide a yardstick for company management and technological innovation to correct various innovations that pursue short-term benefits.

OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine OPPO photo courtesy

Among the three concept products released at this conference, OPPO X 2021 has a scrolling screen that can be steplessly adjusted between the minimum and maximum size compared to the folding screen with a fixed screen size. The emergence of scroll screens will bring more possibilities for mobile entertainment, games, movie watching and other experiences.

OPPO AR Glass 2021 is a further upgrade of OPPO’s exploration of the “virtual and real integration” digital world. The new generation of AR glasses adopts a “split design”, which has been further improved compared to the previous generation in terms of wearing experience, optical solutions, interaction methods and content ecology.

Cybe Real full-time space computing AR application is OPPO’s digital twin platform, which can provide high-precision full-time positioning and scene recognition, and realize the integration experience of the physical world and the digital world.

OPPO AR Glass 2021 Concept Glasses Photo courtesy of OPPO

At present, OPPO’s daily distribution of applications has exceeded 1.7 billion times, the daily distribution of services has exceeded 330 million times, and the number of monthly active users of the content ecology has exceeded 280 million. In the future, OPPO will also enhance the four service capabilities of big data, machine learning, cloud computing, and smart services, and co-create, build, and share with developers and partners to provide global users with smart services with thousands of facets.

In addition, OPPO set up an open exhibition area at the conference site. In addition to three concept products, it also exhibited UWB spatial perception technology, Lifi optical communication technology, 3D virtual portrait technology, AI eyeball control, electrochromic and many other OPPO’s new forms, The latest exploration of new life and new interactive fields.