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Ontario Canada will announce new measures to fight pandemic

Ontario Canada will announce new measures to fight pandemic

by YCPress

Overseas Network, November 3

Ontario, Canada will announce a new grading system for restrictions on Coronavirus pandemic, which will give local governments and public health departments clear standards for the implementation of lockdowns and closures.

According to CTV News, Ontario’s Governor Doug Ford’s cabinet will discuss the new system on the 2nd and is expected to announce the plan on the 3rd. 

According to sources, the new system will allow regions to gradually increase or decrease restrictions as needed. 

Each level will adopt a more stringent set of measures, ranging from unlimited to complete blockade of areas where the pandemic is difficult to control. 

There will also be a set of standards at each stage to provide early warning reminders for local health departments and enterprises before implementing relevant restrictions.

Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliott said that the previous decision to restrict measures relied on the number of new cases, local testing and tracking capabilities, and hospital and intensive care capabilities. 

Members of the Progressive Conservative Provincial Assembly have been calling for a clear set of guidelines to specify when a certain area will enter or leave the blockade.

Ford is also expected to announce plans for restrictions on bars, restaurants, stadiums and cinemas in multiple areas, which are currently implementing the second phase of restrictions. 

He said that it will soon be decided whether the restriction can be relaxed in the hot spots of the pandemic. 

Ford said he hopes there will be some better news in the next few days. “We will review the measures under the new system as soon as possible, and make a decision as soon as possible.”