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"Only one country can meet the vaccine needs of people all over the world!"

“Only one country can meet the vaccine needs of people all over the world!”

by YCPress

“There is only one country that has the production capacity to meet the vaccine needs of every people in the world, and it is India.”

At a time when countries around the world are making great efforts to develop and obtain a coronavirus vaccine, India, as a pharmaceutical power, will certainly not be absent. On December 9, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India organized more than 60 foreign envoys to visit the country’s vaccine factory. Many ambassadors praised India’s vaccine production capacity. The best of these is O’Farrel, the Australian High Commissioner to India, who said the above.

More than 60 foreign envoys visited Bharat and Bio-E Biotechnology Company in Hyderabad, India’s sixth largest city, on December 9, and many of them praised India’s work in vaccine production.

Svane, Danish ambassador to India, said without saying praise: “I am deeply moved to see India’s efforts to fight against COVID-19 and help humanity. This has transcended the boundaries of commerce and state to truly connect with the world and help all mankind.”

Australia’s High Commissioner to India, O’Farrell, took the door up the door, saying: “The world has produced many vaccines, but only one country has the ability to produce enough vaccines to meet the needs of every citizen, and it is India.”

That night, O’Farrell also posted photos of the trip on social media, but the adjustment door was not as high as it was on the scene. He said that Hyderabad, India, produced one-third of the world’s vaccines. The trip impressed him with India’s vaccine research and production facilities and the progress of coronavirus vaccine research and development.

According to India Today’s report on December 3, the visit was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India. Last month, Indian Prime Minister Modi visited India’s major vaccine manufacturers, including Bharat, and said that India’s vaccine production and delivery capacity would be used to help all mankind fight against COVID-19.

However, there has recently been an incident in India that has been infected with COVID-19 after vaccination, and the vaccine of the confirmed person came from the Bharat Biotechnology Company, which is highly praised by foreign envoys.

According to the Indian Express on December 5, Anil Vij, Minister of Health and Home Affairs of Haryana, was inoculated against the “Covaxin” coronavirus produced by Bharat Biotech India. A few days after the virus vaccine, it still contracted the novel coronavirus.

Balat explained that their vaccine was given two doses, and the drug did not work until the whole injection process was completed, and the interval was 28 days. That is to say, the effect of the vaccine will not be determined until two weeks after the second dose is injected. At present, the company’s human vaccine trials have provided more than 25,000 people with test doses.

India’s demand for a COVID-19 vaccine is undoubtedly very urgent. At present, the country has the second largest confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the world, reaching 9735,850, and the number is still increasing at a rate of 20,000 to 20,000 per day.

Indian Prime Minister Modi said in a videoconference on December 5 that eight COVID-19 vaccines will be produced locally, including three local vaccines. These vaccines are at different stages of trial, and Modi said that the vaccine is expected to be rolled out within weeks.