Home Politics One in five Americans think Trump should “be famous for history”
One in five Americans think Trump should "be famous for history"

One in five Americans think Trump should “be famous for history”

by YCPress

As Trump’s days in the White House become less and less, people are beginning to worry about Trump. How will history remember the four-year term of the president?

CNN reported that in a poll released by Fox News over the weekend, Trump received a polarized evaluation, and the proportion of approval and denying him was basically “five-five”.

Interestingly, although more than 40% of Americans think Trump will be one of the worst presidents in history, more than one in five people think that Trump will be remembered as “one of the greatest presidents in American history”.

CNN commented that it was “shocking”.

The report pointed out that Trump’s behavior during the Trump presidency has exacerbated already serious differences in the United States, whether it is dealing with the coronavirus epidemic or weaponizing the issue of race. As the “most brilliant economy in American history” he is proud of, it also needs to recover again under the blow of the epidemic.

So, who regards Trump as the “greatest president”?

According to Fox polls, these people can be divided into about 29% of white men, 36% of white evangelicals, and Trump’s most loyal “fans”.

This figure not only coincides with Trump’s “white supremacy”, but also proves that his influence on these people will be stronger than any Republican politician for a long time.

They not only think that Trump deserves re-election, but also that he should “be well-known in history”.

Of course, this echoes Trump’s own opinion of himself.

In 2018, Trump said in an interview with Fox News: “I will give myself an A+”. This kind of “self-affirmation” has continued to this day. Just a few days before the election, he compared himself to former US President Lincoln at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

“The great Abraham Lincoln, I’ve been competing with him. I can be better than any president, except for Abraham Lincoln when he wears a hat.

CNN said that although what will be regarded as something that is unknown now, a lot of data show that he will not be “widely” regarded as one of the best leaders in the United States.

In a 2018 survey of political historians by the American Political Science Association, Trump named the worst president in history.

In the same year, Siena College ranked Trump third from the bottom of all U.S. presidents based on the “president score” given by experts and scholars.

CNN wrote in July, “Of the 44 presidents we already have, the average ranking of winning a second term is 14th, and the average number of not winning a second term is 30. None of the rankings are below 32nd (George W. Bush).

And Trump is far below this ranking. The best of all is George Washington, who is always number one.”

Trump, who is in the “lower half” of the president’s ranking, really didn’t win re-election.

This undoubtedly disappointed one in five Americans, who think he should be in a “close to the top” position like Lincoln and Washington.

And a history professor at Providence College said that Trump’s election as president “represents a major breakthrough in American political history, which is different from all the turmoil that the United States has experienced.”

“He should take time to read the stories of former presidents he often compares in his last days in office.” “FDR (the President of World War II) told the American people that we needed internal unity; Lyndon Johnson (the president who signed the Bill of Rights) argued that sitting in the Oval Office ‘involved making decisions and leading to a person’s basic commitment,’” the history professor said.

“And Trump, despite his handful of terms, still has time to link his commitment to the national interest.”