On the second day of the Iranian army’s naval exercise, cruise missiles, torpedoes and other weapons appeared.

△Weapons and equipment used in naval exercises of the Iranian army (Image source: Iranian army and navy)

January 14th local time, Iranian military and navy military exercises in the southern Sea of Oman and the northern Indian Ocean entered the next day. Iran’s domestic cruise missiles, torpedoes, etc. appeared in military exercises.

During the military exercise on the 14th, Iranian army and naval forces tested domestic cruise missiles of different ranges on the coast and warships and successfully hit the target.

In addition, from the footage released by the military, Iran’s latest domestic Fatah-class submarine launched torpedoes for the first time during the exercise and successfully hit the target. It is understood that the “Fatah”-class submarine is currently the most displaced submarine in Iran.

It is an attack submarine with high speed, which can carry eight mines and perform a variety of military tasks such as submarine missile launch and torpedo launch.

△Weapons and equipment used in naval exercises of the Iranian army (Image source: Iranian army and navy)

Kavani, spokesman for the military exercise, said that due to confidential information involved, some of the weapons and systems used in the exercise could not be disclosed to the public, but the enemy must know that any aggression in Iran’s territorial waters would face attacks by Iranian cruise missiles.

Under the heightened tension of the confrontation between the United States and Iran, not long ago, American nuclear submarines and warships crossed the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran, and Iran condemned the U.S. move as a military provocation.

Analysis points out that a series of recent military exercises held by the Iranian armed forces are aimed at improving the combat capability of the army and responding strongly to the threat of the United States.

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