Home Politics “On the first day of Trump’s departure, Trump on US Twitter Trend ‘ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump’ !”
"On the first day of Trump's departure, Trump on US Twitter Trend 'ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump' !"

“On the first day of Trump’s departure, Trump on US Twitter Trend ‘ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump’ !”

by YCPress

January 20, local time, the first day of Trump’s departure from the White House, American netizens collectively “memorated” Trump’s large-scale performance art was officially launched.

On the afternoon of the same day, the entry “Those things that Trump misses me” rushed to the hot search of American social media websites, and American netizens “miss” Trump in a fancy way under this label.

But it is obvious that this “nostalgia” is not that of the other. Every “nostalgia” points to the talks left to the outside world by the former president for four years.

“I miss his outstanding taste in fine dining.” Some netizens said and posted pictures of Trump standing in front of a pile of junk food such as hamburger fried chicken and coke with a happy face.

Undoubtedly reminds people of Trump’s bad eating habits and his title of “spam food spokesperson”: the daily three treasures are KFC’s fried chicken, McDonald’s hamburger and Domino’s pancakes, especially McDonald’s giant, Coke as water, consumption of at least ten cans a day…

“After all, Trump’s account has been blocked, but even if not, it is very difficult to select a few of the tens of thousands of tweets sent during the presidency, who has always been famous for “Twitter governance”.

“I’ll miss that border fence he spent $15 billion on.” Some netizens said that they really pasted a simple fence surrounded by wire in the illustration… The irony is obvious. As Biden stopped construction on his first day in office, the U.S.-Mexico border wall that Trump is proud of is getting more and more awkward…

Perhaps it is because a thousand Trumps in the hearts of a thousand netizens, or because Trump’s too “rich” and “crazy” professional experience, in the tens of thousands of tweets under the label, American netizens show their magical powers and truly interpret what “people’s wisdom” is.

“I’ll miss this time of day when I have ‘melon’ to eat every day.”

“I’ll miss the magic he can turn the red state blue.”

“I’ll miss the look on the face of the reporter opposite him when he rolled over in an interview.”

“I will miss his work spirit.”

Some netizens expressed their inner joy at Trump’s departure without concealment: this morning, when Trump left by plane, I began to realize that he could never come back, and even he could not talk about it. At that moment, my heart was full of extreme joy. And in the future, I may miss the feeling of this moment.

But some netizens said very seriously and directly that they refused: “Never miss a person who has neither heart nor soul!”

It’s easy to say “reject”, but obviously American society has been deeply imprinted as “Trumpism”. The US government has fundamentally changed when the former president left, and it can even be said to be irreversible.

As he said goodbye at the end, “Goodbye, we love you all. We will come back in some form.”