Home Politics On the first day of Biden’s office, these places in the White House quietly changed!
On the first day of Biden's office, these places in the White House quietly changed!

On the first day of Biden’s office, these places in the White House quietly changed!

by YCPress

I have to admire Time. The cover is classic.

Because of the cover of the latest issue, the title is “First Day”.

A mountain of documents were littered throughout the Oval Office. On the floor, on the table and chairs, Trump’s abandoned red hats, trumpets, as well as leftover French fries and coke were also dropped. Outside the window, protests were full of smoke. The sky was dyed orange, golden curtains and offices. The public table was also graffiti…

The worried Biden stood at the window, holding his chin with his left hand, thoughtful.

What a mess!

Of course, this is the cover language of the magazine. In reality, the White House is better than the cover.

But one thing in common is that Biden is working hard. Previously, only two U.S. presidents signed executive orders on the first day of office, and only one; on the first day of Biden’s office, he reportedly signed 17 times, and the next day he signed…

The suffering of the United States is deep, and Biden has a heavy responsibility.

But on social media, many Americans have also noticed that although Trump has only left for a few hours, the office Biden took over has quietly changed.

The two pictures above, one is the Trump-era Oval Office and the other is the Biden era.

Same room, same table, same couch, but be aware that Trump’s favorite carpet has been replaced.

Alas, the president of the iron White House.

There are many changes. On the same wall, Trump likes the seventh president Andrew Jackson, nicknamed “Indian Killer”.

Biden, Jackson, you’d better go for a rest and change to the Founding Benjamin Franklin.

Trump likes small decorations, such as Lincoln’s statue, Martin Luther King Jr.’s photos, and oh, his idol Churchill.

But now Biden is in charge. Anyway, he never saw Churchill again, but some civil rights figures in American history, such as Rosa Parks and Caesar Weiss. In particular, Chavez, a Western civil rights leader, was behind Biden’s family photos.

Well, the table is still there. People have changed and seats have also been changed.

Trump’s favorite decorations of military honor flags have also been removed from the office wall.

In addition, one major change has been noted. There is one thing missing from Biden’s desk. A mysterious wooden box.

What is this for?

Trump used it to call Diet Coke. As soon as he presses this button, the bodyguard will send it. It is said that he will drink about 10 cans a day. No wonder on the cover of Time magazine, there are his leftover French fries and coke.

Now Biden is in charge, this wooden box should be thrown into the garbage heap.

Of course, the boldest thing to transform the White House is real estate developer Trump. Anyway, as soon as he arrived at the White House, he changed Obama’s soy red curtains to his favorite golden yellow.

What a style of soy sauce red is? The office of the President of the United States of America should be golden.

I don’t know what Biden thinks. Anyway, Trump is gone, and Trump’s iconic curtains are still there.

Perhaps, the mess is so big that Biden, who is busy putting out the fire, really didn’t consider the curtain; maybe, it’s just that there is always something to cover it outside the window.