Home Politics On Biden’s first day on power, these five details are very meaningful!
On Biden's first day on power, these five details are very meaningful!

On Biden’s first day on power, these five details are very meaningful!

by YCPress

The seemingly inadvertent details actually reveal other meaningful wind direction.

January 20, the most sensitive and important day of the year in the United States so far, five details are meaningful.

Trump’s fist.

Trump finally left, refusing to invite Biden to the White House early and attending Biden’s inauguration. The political tradition of breaking the first outgoing president to do so in 150 years.

To avoid Biden, Trump left the White House early in the morning on January 20.

He first flew to Joint Base Andrews in the “Navy One” helicopter, and then received a farewell ceremony on the red carpet, military bands, 21 salutes and about 200 guests.

CNN White House reporter Acasta said: I don’t think Trump will be happy about this scale. The farewell team is only 200 people…

But Trump finally dropped the words: Goodbye, I will back somehow…

Wait, I will come back.

Also, as he left the White House, it was noted that Trump raised his fist at the White House, three times in a row.

Biden’s vow.

Next, Biden’s highlight moment is coming. In the heavily guarded parliament, he was sworn in and delivered a speech of about 20 minutes.

Biden, 78, has also made new history. The oldest president in the history of the United States. Vice President Harris became the first African-American, Indian-American and female vice president in American history.

Biden made a generous statement and vowed: There is no peace without unity. There is no country, only chaos. It’s a historic moment, full of crises and challenges, and solidarity is the only way forward…

He also confessed: I know that talking about unity may sound like a stupid fantasy in these days.

Unity, unity, Biden said it over and over again.

He also said that now, we must face political extremism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism, and we will overcome it.

This is the first time that the President of the United States has mentioned white supremacy.

But Biden didn’t mention Trump a word.

tense atmosphere.

In 2009, I was working in Washington and going to the National Lawn at the time of Obama’s inauguration, when nearly 2 million people attended; Biden’s inauguration was attended by only 2,000 people.

Probably too boring Clinton, four years younger than Biden, once narrowed his eyes. Many netizens speculated that Clinton fell asleep.

But next to the 2000 guests, there are more than 20,000 American soldiers. There are more American soldiers stationed in Washington to maintain stability than the United States stationed in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan combined.

The capital of the United States has become a large barracks. Many important sections of the road, all kinds of barbed wire, roadblocks, three steps, one post, five steps and one sentry. The street was deserted, and the merchants had already sealed the doors and windows with thick wooden boards.

Many people feel not festivity, but a kind of fear.

But fear is real, just on January 6, when Trump supporters stormed and occupied Congress, Mrs. Pelosi’s laptop disappeared, and five other people died, including a policeman killed.

Even the American soldiers responsible for maintaining stability seem unreliable. After the FBI’s review, 12 soldiers were transferred because they were found to have “suspicious behavior” related to extremists.

political pursuit.

Trump waved away, and issued the last presidential pardon a few hours before leaving the White House.

73 people were pardoned and 70 people were commuted. Bannon, the former “White House Counselor”, also sighed with relief. At the last minute, Trump finally pardoned him.

But Trump has not pardoned himself and his family. It’s not that he didn’t think about it. It is said that people around him strongly objected that if they were pardoned, they would make them appear to have confessed.

But trouble is still ahead. On January 20, when the new U.S. Senate met for the first time, Republican tycoon and Senate leader McConnell suddenly launched an attack on Trump, saying:

Riots are driven by lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. They tried to use fear and violence to stop a special process in the first branch of the federal government that they did not like.

The next important task of the Senate is to impeach Trump on charges of “sedition”.

Even if you step down, you will continue to impeach. 2024, just don’t let you come back. Now, the Republican bosses are also beginning to cut.

Trump has made history again. He became the president who was impeached twice in American history.

If convicted, this count alone can be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Biden is busy signing.

On Biden’s first day, after busy with some etiquette activities, he began to sign a document, a document, with a row of black pens in front of him. Sign a document and change a pen.

For Biden, it was a historic moment, and every pen could be put in the museum.

Because of these executive orders he signed, it will completely reverse Trump’s four-year policy.

Trump is going to repair the border wall, but Biden will not repair it.

Trump disliked wearing masks, and Biden asked for masks.

Trump says no to the Paris agreement, but Biden wants to hug again.

Trump is leaving the WHO, and Biden is demanding to rejoin…

Biden has made history again.

Previously, only two presidents signed executive orders on the first day of office, and only one; Biden signed a total of 17 on Biden’s first day…

The suffering of the United States is deep, and Biden has a heavy responsibility. In turn, Trump’s four-year achievements were destroyed. The United States began the quadrennial pancake flipping, the largest pancake flipping in the world.


Again, in the past year, we have witnessed too much history, and the United States has also shown the world the most unbearable side. The United States is still powerful, but the American dream is dashed. History is not over. It is American mythology that ends. We are witnessing a far-reaching and epoch-making transformation.

Moreover, in this world, good and evil are rewarded. Sometimes, it’s not that you don’t report it, but the time is not yet to come.

Early this morning, China announced that it would impose sanctions on 28 people who seriously violated China’s sovereignty and were mainly responsible for the China-related issues.

Here is full report

There are many familiar names among these 28 people:









and Bolton,

Bannon and so on.

These people and their families are prohibited from entering the mainland of China, Hong Kong and Macao.

They and their affiliates and institutions have also been restricted from dealing with and doing business with China.

This is undoubtedly a clear signal: Don’t think of playing “Chinese cards” on the stage, but eat “Chinese food” after stepping down. You can’t, your family can’t, and the company that employs you can’t.

If you want to enter the business world after leaving office, you also want to make money in China. There is no way!