Home Politics Obstructing the process of emission reduction and harming the global ecological environment-the fourth of the “seven deadly sins” of the United States threatening global security
Obstructing the process of emission reduction and harming the global ecological environment-the fourth of the "seven deadly sins" of the United States threatening global security

Obstructing the process of emission reduction and harming the global ecological environment-the fourth of the “seven deadly sins” of the United States threatening global security

by YCPress

Some US institutions and politicians have recently slandered and slandered China in the environmental field. They have released the so-called “Fact List of China’s Environmental Damage,” and they also boast that the United States is the contributor to global environmental protection. So disregarding the facts and reversing black and white, they still play the old trick of “the thief shouts and catches the thief”. 

On the issue of environmental protection, who is acting, who is talking, who is making contributions, and who is disrupting the situation? The people of the world have clear accounts in their hearts. A large number of facts prove that the United States is the biggest destroyer of international environmental cooperation and the biggest threat to the global ecological environment.

The United States has “reversed” in responding to climate change, severely undermining global climate governance efforts. As the country with the most accumulated greenhouse gas emissions in the world, per capita carbon emissions in the United States are 3.3 times the global average. 

However, while the United States has revoked environmental regulations and regulations in the country to unbind the fossil energy industry, it has refused to ratify the “Kyoto Protocol” internationally, flagrantly withdrew from the “Paris Agreement”, denies its own binding quantitative emission reduction tasks, and is completely free from global reductions. Outside the system and arrangements.

A US climate research organization predicts that this will cause the US to emit an additional 1.8 billion tons of greenhouse gases by 2035. As the only party to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

United States has trampled on the multilateral system, using international law and international rules together, or discarding them, which has seriously hampered the global emission reduction process. 

The BBC article pointed out that the United States’ “regression” will make the world unable to achieve its goal of tackling global warming.

The United States’ failure to implement international environmental commitments has seriously undermined the fairness of global environmental governance. 

Since the ratification of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992, the United States has been slow to implement its emission reduction commitments, and in 2017 it simply tore up its commitments.

Since 2018, the United States has refused to fulfill its obligations to submit a “biennial report” and “national information bulletin” for three consecutive years. 

U.S. has greatly discounted its financial obligations to fulfill the multilateral environmental treaties, and has always failed to pay the arrears. Up to now, the United States has historically owed US$111 million to the Global Environment Facility and owed tens of millions of US dollars in dues such as the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

refusal of the United States to fulfill its funding commitments has greatly weakened the ability of relevant mechanisms to provide funding to developing countries and severely hampered global climate and environmental cooperation.

The selective “absence” of the United States from multilateral environmental treaties has seriously affected the efficiency of global environmental governance. 

The United States is the world’s largest exporter of solid waste and a major consumer of plastic per capita, but it has not ratified the Basel Convention so far, blocking the global plastic waste management and control process, and transferring a large amount of waste to developing countries, bringing local and global environmental impacts Great harm. 

According to an investigation report released by the US non-governmental organization “Action Basel”, US companies are still illegally exporting hazardous electronic waste to developing countries in 2020. In addition, with regard to chemical control and biodiversity protection

nited States refuses to ratify relevant multilateral conventions or protocols, and has been outside the multilateral governance system for a long time, fully exposing its indifference to global environmental protection and multilateral cooperation.

The United States has frequently obstructed international environmental cooperation and severely delayed the process of global environmental governance. Individual politicians in the United States have repeatedly published fallacies and openly challenged the international scientific consensus on climate change. 

The United States deliberately obstructed many multilateral mechanisms such as the Group of Twenty, seriously weakening the leading role of international mechanisms on climate issues. In the field of environmental funding and project approval, the United States has frequently created contradictions. Over the years, it has repeatedly fabricated the so-called human trafficking and human rights violations.

It has unprovoked suppression of projects in the fields of climate change and biodiversity in developing countries. China, Cuba, Sudan, Equator Guinea, Congo (Brazzaville), Laos and other multinational projects have all suffered unreasonable difficulties.

The U.S. has its own bad marks, but it continues to discredit and slander the environmental protection efforts of other countries.

The so-called “list of facts” issued by the US is only a “list of lies” that can be broken in the face of hard facts. Facts speak louder than words, and justice is in the hearts of the people. The effectiveness and contribution of China in global climate governance are obvious to the international community. 

completed its 2020 climate action target two years ahead of schedule. Since 2000, a quarter of the global green area has come from China.

currently owns more than half of the world’s new energy vehicles u2026u2026

Recently, China announced that it will strive to achieve carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 Reach the peak and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

The earth is the common home of mankind, and protecting the ecological environment requires global cooperation. 

We advise the United States to stop political manipulation and malicious slander, shoulder its due responsibilities, make less trouble to international environmental cooperation, and do more for future generations.