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Obama is going to be disappointed again? Biden made a mistake in his speech ? or was "handled" by US president

Obama is going to be disappointed again? Biden made a mistake in his speech ? or was “handled” by US president

by YCPress

One wave is not flat, another wave! Faced with Biden’s successive mistakes, Obama may be disappointed again.

Today, there is only one week left before the official opening of the November election in the United States. With the epidemic raging in the United States, the chaos has not yet subsided, and the economy continues to slump, this year’s general election will undoubtedly become an important historical turning point for the United States.

Therefore, in order to welcome the arrival of this historic moment, the U.S. two parties and their respective candidates have worked hard and launched the final “sprint” toward the presidency. Among them, former US President Barack Obama once again called on the White House.

On the 27th local time, Obama opened another campaign rally in Orlando, Florida. 

If one word must be used to describe Obama’s performance in the campaign rallies, then “full firepower” is undoubtedly the most appropriate.

On that day, Obama’s speech had three main features.

1. Obama once again criticized the White House under Trump’s leadership for its “ineffectiveness and inaction” and even “incompetence” in fighting the epidemic, which not only made the United States the most severely affected country in the world, but also caused successive outbreaks in the White House. The two epidemics “turned the White House into an epidemic hot spot.”

2. Obama said that under the “bad performance” of the White House, the U.S. economy is being hit hard. At present, more than 100,000 small businesses have been closed and 500,000 jobs have been lost in Florida alone. But Obama pointed out that Trump doesn’t care about it, only worried that reports on the epidemic and the economy will steal his “showcase”.

3. Obama once again publicly supported Biden. First he praised Biden’s excellent character, understood and sympathized with the suffering of the American people, and then shouted to the people of Florida, “In order to avoid a bad situation for another 4 years, everyone should vote. Vote for Biden”.

It is worth mentioning that before this campaign rally, Obama also held a campaign rally in Philadelphia. During the period, Obama also strongly supported Biden and slammed the Trump administration, saying that the “economic prosperity” he created by himself was completely “broken” by Trump.

More importantly, in the tradition of American politics, former presidents generally do not launch direct offensives against presidential candidates. However, as the former president, Obama’s successive election rallies have broken this tradition and easily aroused controversy.

Obviously, in terms of supporting Biden and criticizing Trump, Obama has done everything he can, and he has done what he cannot. But what Obama didn’t expect was that while he tried his best to help his “old partner” run for the election, Biden “dropped the chain” at a critical moment.

A few days ago, when Biden made a speech on a TV show, he suddenly didn’t know what was going on. He pronounced Trump’s name as “George” twice in a row, until Biden’s wife whispered to Biden three times in a row. He realized his mistake.

You must know that Biden, 77, has been questioned by the outside world because of his “advanced age” whether he can successfully fulfill his four-year presidential term after winning the election. In this regard, Trump, who is “not forgiving”, has repeatedly called Biden “Sleepy Joe” to describe Bai’s poor mental state.

Now that Biden has made another “mistake”, Trump will naturally not let go of this “great opportunity.” On the same day, Trump issued an article saying, “Biden can’t even remember my name. It was the host who helped him complete the interview, but the’fake media’ was working overtime to cover up this mistake.”

I have to say that Trump is indeed very accomplished when it comes to “ridicule” skills. In this statement, Trump revealed at least three goals.

As a result, he once again criticized Biden for his poor mental state, and he didn’t even remember his opponent’s name.

Secondly, Trump specifically pointed out that “Biden completed the interview with the help of others.” Obviously, Trump once again questioned and belittled Biden’s ability.

Thirdly, it has revealed the “unfair treatment” of the American media. As long as Trump makes a mistake, the mainstream media in the United States will ridicule, but it is Biden’s turn to make a mistake, and the media are busy “covering up the mistake”. Trump was not convinced.

What’s interesting is that according to some American media statistics, there are only 4 American media that support Trump’s candidacy this year, and they are all little-known small media. On Biden’s side, there are as many as 119 media supporting him. In this situation where “media relations” are very different, Trump’s complaints are also reasonable.

Old rules, let’s talk about some superficial opinions.

First, if Biden made another mistake, Trump may be seized by Trump.

After all, from the moment Biden announced his candidacy, Trump has already understood one of Biden’s “soft underbelly”, that is, at the age of 77, his mental state is already in a bad state. That’s why Trump gave Biden the nickname “Sleepy Joe” and used “dementia” to describe his situation.

Of course, Trump has been holding on to this point, not just as simple as “slobbering”.

Earlier, a poll data pointed out that more than half of Americans believe that Biden, 77, is likely to be “advanced” and unable to fulfill his four-year presidential term after winning the election. Moreover, this view has been recognized by nearly half of the Democrats.

It can be seen that Biden’s age and mental state are indeed one of the important factors affecting his performance in this year’s election. After all, once Biden wins the election, he will be 81 years old after four years as president. It is reasonable for the American people to express their concerns.

Therefore, if Trump makes a big fuss in his speech through Biden’s mistake, it is likely to have more influence on Biden, especially under Trump’s description of “adding oil and jealousy”.

Second, seeing Biden make a series of mistakes, Obama may be disappointed this time.

You must know that now there is only one week left before the general election starts. At this critical moment, any small mistake may cause severe consequences. Not to mention, Biden’s mistake was a direct manifestation of his “bad mental state”.

In addition, this is not the first time Biden has made a mistake, nor the first time Obama has been disappointed. Not long ago, Biden suddenly “forgot his words” during his speech, and then “talked to himself” alone, saying that the speech “may have fallen on the side of his assistant”, making the scene embarrassing for a while.

Earlier, Biden also made a slip of the tongue, reading the number of deaths from the epidemic in the United States as “120 million.” You know, the entire United States has a population of only more than 300 million, and Biden did well, and he was “verbally wiped out” one-third of the time.

In addition, in addition to verbal errors, Biden’s “taking for granted” also made Obama very helpless. Earlier, in an interview, Biden suddenly shouted to the African-American host present, “If you don’t support me, you are not one of the African Americans.”

Obviously, Biden’s “reasonable” confidence comes from Obama’s support for him and his experience as vice president during Obama’s time. But the problem is, even if Obama is present in person, he doesn’t have the confidence to say this “as it should”. Where does Biden come from?

It has to be said that in the face of such a Biden who has made many mistakes and left his opponents “handles”, Obama and Hillary estimate that they are somewhat “hating iron but not steel”.

Finally, compared to the past, this year’s US election is indeed complex and changeable, and there are indeed many influencing factors. Now, as Biden and Trump have more and more “matched” advantages, Obama, Hillary and other politicians have entered the scene one after another, and this year’s election is bound to be full of more variables and confusion.