Home EntertainmentSports Nine crowns! Djokovic swept Medvedov and won the Australian Open for the ninth time.
Nine crowns! Djokovic swept Medvedov and won the Australian Open for the ninth time.

Nine crowns! Djokovic swept Medvedov and won the Australian Open for the ninth time.

by YCPress

At the Australian Open final, Djokovic made history again.

On February 21, in the final against the challenger Medvedev, the Serbian king did not give his opponent a chance to win the game 3-0, increasing his total number of Grand Slam champions to 18, and also achieved the unprecedented nine Australian Open championships.

Previously, Medvedev defeated Sisipas in the semi-finals to reach the final, while Djokovic swept the dark horse Karatsev to get the final ticket. For Medvedev, this is his first time to stand in the Australian Open final, and Djokovic is the ninth time to come to the Australian Open final.

In the previous eight Australian Open finals, Djokovic has won all the championships without any mistakes, becoming the unprecedented eight champions in the Australian Open, and once Medvedev can be crowned, he will become the third men’s singles champion from Russia in Australian Open history (the first two are Kafernikov and Safin).

In the first set of the game, Djokovic completed the break as soon as he came up, but Medvedev was unwilling to show weakness and quickly achieved a breakback.

The two sides were deadlocked until 5-5. After Dejokov took the score to 6-5, he made a strong attack in Medvedev’s unguarded serve, winning the first set 7-5.

In the second set, the break was replaced by Medvedev at the beginning, but Dejo also immediately broke back and broke beyond the score in the fourth inning.

Then the Serbian king continued to control the situation and went to the next city 6-2.

Djokovic CFP diagram

In the third set, the break still arrived early. Djokovic took the lead in breaking, and the break and saved 3-0.

In desperation, Medvedev finally failed to stage a magical reversal. In the end, he lost 2-3, and could only see his opponent win the championship trophy.

In terms of previous career honors, Medvedev is naturally not comparable to Djokovic, the 9-year-old Serbian king.

Before this Australian Open, Deyo had 17 Grand Slam champions, 8 of which were from the Australian Open.

Medvedov’s best previous Grand Slam record was to reach the final. In the 2019 U.S. Open final, he lost to Nadal and won the second place.

This time, he stood in the Australian Open final, and his goal was to attack his first Grand Slam champion again.


However, although the career achievements of the two men are huge, they have not been one-sided in their past records.

Before this final, the two had played against each other seven times in history, and Djokovic only had a narrow advantage of 4 wins and 3 losses.

The only time the two had played at the Grand Slam was in the 2019 Australian Open, when Djokovic won 3-1, but the last match between them was Medvedev, and the Russians won 2-0 in the 2020 year-end finals.

And from the Paris Masters last November to the Australian Open final, Medvedev won every time he played against the top ten players in the world.

Therefore, Djokovic, who knows the upper limit of the opponent’s strength, dare not relax at all.

“Jim Correll once said that he was a chess master on the court because his moving position was extremely accurate.

In fact, he was an extremely smart player.”

Medvedev returned the ball in the game.

Medvedev, who aims to make a new breakthrough in his career, also showed a good momentum. “I like to play against Deyo.

He is one of the best players in history. To defeat him, you may need to show the best physical and psychological state for four or five consecutive hours.

The experience of the last Grand Slam final helped me a lot.”

However, it is not difficult to see from Djokovic’s rich experience in the Grand Slam finals that still has a great impact on the progress of the game.

At critical moments, the Serbs can always show a stronger and more stable performance.

And Medvedev’s performance is undoubtedly far from what he said is the “best physical and psychological state”.

In the game, Medvedev, who was not satisfied with his performance, vented several times, but failed to reverse the unfavorable situation and had to return in his second Grand Slam final.

Medvedev fell and vented. CFP diagram

Winning the Australian Open undoubtedly makes a good start for Deyo’s 2021 season.

At the same time, after this Australian Open, Djokovic will also set another new tennis record.

On March 8, Dejo will be in the number of weeks in the world’s number one position, which will make him surpass the Swiss king Federerer to become the first player in the history of the world’s first week.