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New Zealand CIIE tastes sweet

New Zealand CIIE tastes sweet

by YCPress

Wellington, November 6 Located in the small town of Kerepesch, about 120 kilometers southeast of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, the population is less than 500. The first overseas factory of Baxi, a well-known Chinese ice cream brand, Islay Faxi New Zealand The company is located here, and more than 50 locals work here. The factory was formerly a local cheese factory with a century-old history. Today, the cheese factory has been transformed into a modern ice cream company, continuing this sweet business.

The photo provided by Islafaxi New Zealand on October 20 shows the company’s factory in the New Zealand town of Kerepeci

The G’nature brand ice cream produced by Islay New Zealand was unveiled at the 3rd CIIE. The company’s general manager Yan Qinghai told Xinhua News that the company participated in the CIIE for the first time in 2019, and the audience’s attention to G’nature ice cream exceeded expectations, creating an opportunity for the company’s new brands outside Baxi to open up the domestic market. In 2019, the company’s sales increased by 47.35% over the previous year, and sales increased by 36.4%.

“In this year’s CIIE, our ice cream product exhibition area is expected to become one of the main exhibition areas of the New Zealand Pavilion.”

Also belonging to the “sweet business” New Zealand special exhibits and honey.

NAC Trading Co., Ltd., whose main business is honey, will exhibit again this year. Company director Zhang Yan introduced that when it first participated in the CIIE in 2018, this New Zealand Chinese-owned private enterprise only applied for a standard booth of 9 square meters. Due to the widespread attention, the company’s booth area at the second CIIE expanded to 36 square meters. This year the booth was further expanded to 90 square meters. In addition to honey, the company will also showcase New Zealand specialty products such as wine and milk powder.

The CIIE is gaining more and more influence in New Zealand, and many New Zealand companies hope to use the CIIE to open up the Chinese market. SJA Company is a benchmark enterprise for breeding bees in New Zealand. The head of the company Jason Marshall is very interested in entering the Chinese market. Marshall said that the company is actively building its own honey products and brands, with China as one of the main target markets, and the CIIE is a good platform to enter the Chinese market.

According to data released by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries, even in April when New Zealand was “closed” by the new crown epidemic, New Zealand honey exports continued to increase, and China is one of the main export markets for New Zealand honey.

The sweet business of ice cream and honey brings the people of China and Singapore closer.