Home Business New York, USA, fasts canteen again. Chinese restaurants have difficulty making a living in the cold winter.
Nearly 4 million Americans have not worked for half a year, and 2.4 million people are unemployed for a long time.

New York, USA, fasts canteen again. Chinese restaurants have difficulty making a living in the cold winter.

by YCPress

December 16th According to the U.S. World Daily, the COVID-19 epidemic has rebounded. New York City local time on the 14th banned restaurants and canteens. Customers can only sit in the outdoor dining seats or order takeaway.

However, that day was cloudy and rainy, the streets were cold, and the restaurant’s business conditions were not good. Heavy snow was approaching, and some operators were busy.

To install thermal insulation facilities for the outdoor dining area to prepare for bad weather in winter.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Manhattan’s Chinatown restaurant has usually had a slow business. Under the influence of the weather on the 14th, there were very few customers and fewer pedestrians on the road, which also made many restaurants still have poor business even if they have outdoor dining seats that can shelter from the wind and rain.

Zeng Xiaohong, the manager of the restaurant “Shanghai Green Wave Gallery” on Pianye Street, said that there were only a few takeaway orders from the 14th to noon, and the business situation has been quite bleak since more than October. The employees of the store also revealed that one day they only made one order at noon and only got a tip of (US dollars, the same below).

Zeng Xiaohong took advantage of the small number of diners on the 14th to ask workers to install heating equipment for the outdoor dining seats. Previously, the store only had a sunshade and surrounded it with plastic sheeting to shield customers from the wind and rain. This time, the shed was re-built, and installed wooden boards, windows, etc. to create a ventilation and warm space for diners, which cost about 10$

Zeng Xiaohong said that now that it is fasting in the canteen, it will snow again this week. If you don’t “upgrade” the outdoor dining seats, I’m afraid customers are even more reluctant to come to the house. Even if the business loses money, they still hope to continue to operate and survive the epidemic.

Huang Sharen, an employee of the “Shanghai Museum” on Elizabeth Street, said that most customers ordered takeout that day; before fasting, people would still choose to eat outdoors on good weather days.

Sharen Huang explained that because canteen needs to leave customer names, phone numbers, etc., some customers are worried about exposing their privacy and would rather takeout rather eat in canteen. She said that the impact of fasting on the business is not as expected, “because business has been bad after the epidemic.”

On the 14th, Bejie Cantonese Restaurant simply did takeout business, and even did not even put outdoor dining seats. Ms. Li, an employee, said that the weather was so bad that there were no people eating outdoors, so there was no need to put out the tables and chairs.

Ms. Li said that the restaurant had good business on the last weekend before fasting. Some acquaintances heard that they would fast in the canteen on the 14th and rushed to bring their families to dinner on the weekend, and four round tables were full.

For fasting canteen and the bad weather this week, the owner of Guangdong restaurant prefers to only make takeout. Ms. Li said that if the outdoor dining space is not ventilated enough, it is just to move the “canteen” to the outdoors, which is no different from the canteen.

Ms. Li said that the Cantonese restaurant was in good business in September and October. She invited all five original chefs back. After fasting, only two masters remained at work. The second wave of the epidemic hit, coupled with the cold weather, the restaurant’s business was worse than during the peak of the epidemic in April and May. I hope the government can provide more to small businesses. Assist, or it may be difficult to survive the winter.