Home LifestyleHealth New York Governor Cuomo won the Emmy Award for “performance” at the epidemic press conference.
New York Governor Cuomo won the Emmy Award for "performance" at the epidemic press conference.

New York Governor Cuomo won the Emmy Award for “performance” at the epidemic press conference.

by YCPress

[Compiled/Guancha.com Tong Li] You are right. As a politician, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, won a very heavy Emmy Award in the entertainment industry, which seems to surpass his brother Chris C, the host of CNN. uomo). And the reason why he won the award is because of his daily coronavirus briefing.

Although the Emmy official believes that “New York tough guys have become a sign of the determination to fight the epidemic in the eyes of the outside world.” However, this news still caused an online controversy.

New York Gov. Cuomo will soon receive an international Emmy award, the comprehensive Associated Press, Fox News and Capitol Hill reported on November 21.

On the 20th, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which awarded the Emmy Award, announced that it planned to award awards to the Democratic governor in a live broadcast on the 23rd.

Bruce L. Paisner, president and CEO of the college. Paisner) said Cuomo would be awarded the “Founder Award” for his skillful use of television to deliver news and appease the public.

The Emmy Awards are the highest award in American television, and according to the introduction, the “Founder Award” is mainly awarded to those who “cross cultural boundaries and touch our common humanity”. Former U.S. Vice President Gore, famous talk show host Oprah and director Spielberg have also won this award.

“The governor’s 111 daily briefings worked so well because he effectively produced television programs with characters, plots, and stories of successes or failures,” Paisner said.

“People all over the world know what has happened from here, and the tough guys in New York have become a sign of their determination to fight the epidemic.”

The Associated Press believes that Cuomo used his slides and sometimes emotional and sometimes harsh style to update the public every day and elaborate on why the economy should be closed to avoid the prediction that up to 100,000 people will be hospitalized at the same time.

The outbreak peaked in early and mid-April when more than 18,000 people were hospitalized at the same time, and hospitals and nursing homes reported 800 new deaths every day.

Previously, American media commented that “Como’s daily briefing won him the trust second only to Fauci, the captain of the U.S. Anti-epidemic”.

On October 13, Cuomo published a new book, American Crisis, which records the epidemic in the United States, which reviews the difficult history of fighting against the epidemic in New York and criticizes the Trump administration for its ineffectiveness in fighting the epidemic.

However, as new cases surge across the United States, the average number of new cases in New York State more than doubled in two weeks.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, as of 7:30 p.m. Beijing time on the 21st, New York State, with a population of nearly 20 million, has reported more than 580,000 coronavirus cases and more than 34,000 deaths.

The Democratic governor received an Emmy Award, which soon aroused dissatisfaction from conservative media Fox News. Fox News reported that the official statement of the Emmy Awards was mocked on social media, and some of them mentioned Cuomo’s controversial nursing home policy. Because Cuomo once asked local nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients. The order was later withdrawn, but it was believed that this led to the death of some elderly people in nursing homes.

“If we’re lucky enough, we can still see Cuomo win the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his work to end the suffering of New York nursing homes,” also satirically said, author of the Washington Observer, another conservative outlet.

Many American netizens also speculate that Trump will be unhappy to hear that Cuomo will win the award, because he himself wants to have a trophy.

As the winner, Cuomo responded to the media on the 20th, “This is an honor. I accept this award on behalf of the people of New York, and I think it is an honor for the people of New York.

I think the achievements of New Yorkers are amazing, reducing the previous infection rate to one of the lowest. The number of their daily launches is also amazing, exceeding 64 million times.”

Cuomo also made a video of receiving the award for broadcast at the award ceremony.