Home World New York Governor charged with sexual harassment by former aide as he may be appointed as U.S. Attorney General
New York Governor charged with sexual harassment by former aide as he may be appointed as U.S. Attorney General

New York Governor charged with sexual harassment by former aide as he may be appointed as U.S. Attorney General

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According to USA Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was recently accused of sexual harassment by a former aide, and Cuomo’s press secretary said that “these statements are groundless”.

Lindsey Boylan reportedly accused Cuomo of sexually harassing her, and she tweeted that Cuomo had “sexually harassed me for many years. Many people have seen it. “I know, I’m not the only woman,” Boiland also tweeted.

She added that she was “indignant at being put in this situation”. According to the report, Boylan, 36, did not provide any verifiable information or detailed description of the governor’s allegations.

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“The allegations are groundless,” Cuomo’s press secretary Caitlin Girouard told the Associated Press.

Boylan later tweeted: “I am not interested in talking to reporters, specifically. I want to confirm the experience of countless (other victims) women and make sure that abuse practices stop.”

Boylan is reportedly currently running for the post of chairman of the Manhattan District, which is actually the mayor of New York City and an adviser to the deliberative committee.

Previously, she unsuccessfully challenged Democratic incumbent Jerry Nadler in the New York House of Representatives primary, which covers parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Boilan served in the Como administration from March 2015 to October 2018. She first served as the executive vice president of the Empire Development Corporation (public) of New York and then as the economic development adviser to the Governor of New York.

Boylan tweeted Dec. 5 that working for Cuomo was the “most harmful environment” she had worked for and that “people with a whole list” were hurt by the governor.

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Boylan resigned from the Como government in 2018 after she was complained about her office conduct, according to a personnel memo obtained by the Associated Press.

Several women complained to the HR department of Empire Development Corporation in New York, “Ms. Boylan treats them in a way that harasses, demeans, shouts, and is unprofessional.” New York) Julia Pinover Kupyek, the government’s ethics officer, wrote in a memorandum.

Boylan resigned after meeting with officials including Alphonso David, Como’s chief lawyer.

According to the Associated Press, President-elect Biden is considering appointing Cuomo as the United States Attorney General. In response, Boylan tweeted, “There is nothing more terrible than giving this man more control over the morals.

Over the years, I have seen how he used power. He will use others, including me.

Cuomo’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has attracted national attention, both praise and opposition. Many people across the United States have noticed that he appears on CNN and elsewhere almost every day. On television, he calmly conveyed information about the current (epidemic) situation.

Cuomo’s open competition with President Trump has also won praise from progressive supporters across the United States. Cuomo, however, has also been widely criticized for New York’s inadequate response to the pandemic, with some accusing the New York state government of implementing the late and lack of coordination of closures.