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New growth points China-Kazakhstan economy and trade

New growth points China-Kazakhstan economy and trade

by YCPress

“At present, the global economic recovery is facing difficulties. The Eurasian Economic Union countries should increase their efforts to develop e-commerce and use e-commerce platforms to expand exports to China.” The “Eurasian Economic Union and the’Belt and Road’ Initiative” video forum on the docking “The Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan, Suldanov said that e-commerce will become an important driving force for Kazakhstan’s economic growth. The government plans to strengthen cooperation with China in related fields to accelerate the development of e-commerce.

According to official statistics from Kazakhstan, in the first half of this year, the scale of the e-commerce market reached 1.1 billion US dollars, accounting for 9.4% of the country’s total retail trade; it is expected that the total e-commerce sales this year is expected to reach 2.2 billion US dollars. According to the government’s latest development plan, by 2025, the proportion of national e-commerce in total retail trade will increase to 15%.

Suldanov pointed out that in the global fight against pandemic and seek economic recovery, e-commerce has developed rapidly. “More and more Kazakh companies are entering China’s e-commerce platforms. Driven by e-commerce, Chinese consumers are increasingly interested in Kazakh products.”

In order to help more companies use the e-commerce platform to expand their business, the Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan has implemented the “Internet Exporter Training” program for some qualified domestic companies this year. Up to now, 46 Kazakh companies have obtained the qualification of China’s e-commerce platform, covering everything from agricultural products to digital equipment. Suldanov said that not long ago, the second phase of the supplier training program has been launched, and plans to help another 50 companies enter the Chinese e-commerce platform within the year.

“The cooperation between Kazakhstan and China in the field of e-commerce has achieved remarkable results. China’s e-commerce platform directly targets 940 million netizens and has a huge market potential.” Hanat Besek, president of the Kazakhstan-China Trade Promotion Association, told reporters that China The e-commerce platform has created convenient conditions for Kazakhstan’s high-quality goods to enter the Chinese market, and also provided a broad space for the development of Kazakhstan’s domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, which will help improve the level of trade facilitation and economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Leading retail companies in China and Kazakhstan have formed a regular online communication mechanism. Purchasing and marketing personnel of large Chinese supermarket chains actively share their experiences and help Kazakhstan exporters understand the Chinese market and the shopping habits of Chinese consumers. Besek told reporters that Kazakhstan’s e-commerce is still in its infancy. The Chinese e-commerce platform has world-class pre-sales, after-sales, payment and logistics systems. The cooperation between related companies in the two countries has huge potential and broad prospects. “I believe that as the scale of Kazakhstan’s e-commerce market continues to expand, cooperation in the field of e-commerce between the two countries will become a new growth point for the development of bilateral economic and trade relations.”