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New Delhi India COVID-19 ICU beds are tight

New Delhi, India, COVID-19 ICU beds are tight

by YCPress

According to the Times of India report on the 22nd, in response to the continuous surge of COVID-19 cases, the New Delhi City Government has decided to add another 4000 beds including ICU beds in designated hospitals for COVID-19 by the end of November.

The New Delhi City Government requires 90 private hospitals to reserve 60% of the beds for patients with Coronavirus, which will add 2644 beds. Government hospitals will also add 1,413 ICU beds.

Currently, Delhi has 17,300 beds for Coronavirus. Among the ICU beds, 1,396 beds are equipped with ventilators and 2,623 beds are without ventilators. According to the latest report, of the 1,396 ICU beds with ventilators, only 122 are vacant, while 418 of the 2,623 ICU beds without ventilators are vacant.

Recently, the number of Coronavirus cases in New Delhi, India has continued to increase, with an increase of about 7,500 cases per day. In the past few weeks, the utilization rate of ICU beds has increased rapidly, and this trend has become more pronounced in private hospitals. 

The New Delhi City Government is currently adopting family isolation and treatment in hospitals designated by the COVID-19 to deal with the new and menacing epidemic.