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Nearly 200 people diagnosed in outbreak of veterans’ home in Illinois

by YCPress

November 19, according to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report, a coronavirus in a veterans’ home in Illinois, USA has caused nearly 200 people to be infected with the coronavirus, of which 23 residents died of coronavirus.

On November 1, the Illinois Veterans’ Home in LaSalle reported that two residents and two staff had tested positive for the coronavirus. 

However, in the latest pandemic report released on November 18, 98 residents and 93 staff have been diagnosed. According to the report, two more veterans died from infection with the coronavirus, bringing the number of deaths among veterans to 23.

Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs spokesperson Bridget Dooley confirmed that in this long-term care facility, there are currently seven residents who have been hospitalized. Dooley said there were 111 residents in this facility, most of whom were infected with coronavirus. She pointed out: “This is a tragedy.”

At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic in LaSalle County continues to spread. Local health officials pointed out on social networking sites that the county is in the “orange area” of the pandemic, which “warns the county’s increased risk of spreading coronavirus”.

According to reports, in the past month or so, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in LaSalle County has more than doubled, from 2,238 on October 21 to 5048 on November 18.