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NATO Secretary-General: Welcome Turkey and Greece to continue the dialogue

by YCPress

January 22nd local time, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg met with visiting Turkish Foreign Minister Chavushoğlu in Brussels.

The two sides discussed the situation in hot spots such as the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Afghanistan and Libya.

In a statement issued on the same day, NATO said that Stoltenberg welcomed Turkey and Greece to continue NATO-led dialogue under the Eastern Mediterranean “Military Conflict Prevention Mechanism”, which helps to reduce tensions and create space for political discussions to solve potential problems.

In addition, Stoltenberg also welcomed the resumption of exploratory talks between Turkey and Spain aimed at delineating the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone.

On Afghanistan, Stoltenberg said that NATO supports the Afghan peace process and is ready to further adjust its deployment in Afghanistan.

Chavushoğlu posted on social media that NATO should further strengthen internal unity and that Turkey will continue to support NATO’s military missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Chavushoğlu arrived in Brussels on January 20 local time and held talks with several EU agency leaders and Belgian Foreign Minister Vermes before visiting NATO headquarters.

Due to the complex and tense situation of European-Turkish relations in 2020, Chavushoğlu’s visit attracted much attention, and the 22nd was also the last day of his visit.