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NASA postpones a manned mission due bad weather

NASA postpones a manned mission due bad weather

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NASA postpones a manned mission due bad weather

Houston, November 13. On November 13 local time, NASA Administrator Bridenstein announced that due to high winds that could jeopardize the recovery of the booster rockets, it was originally scheduled for November 14. The first manned mission (Crew-1) was conducted by American Exploration. Technology company. (SpaceX) is in Japan for 24 hours.

NASA postpones a manned mission due to weather ?

On August 3, the American spacecraft “Dragon” brought two astronauts to Earth.

According to the Associated Press, this mission is being carried out by American Discovery Technology Corporation. Since the missile thrusters recovered in this mission will also be used in the second manned mission (Crew-2), the company must ensure that the missile thrusters can safely return to Earth during this mission.

Bridenstein said on Twitter on the 13th that the second manned mission is scheduled for March 30, 2021.

According to the science and technology website “Space”, the first manned flight will be delayed 24 hours and will take place at 7:27 pm ET on November 15. Four astronauts will board the manned version of the “Dragon” spacecraft, which will be launched by a “Falcon 9” rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Astronauts will enter the International Space Station for dozens of hours and will stay there for 6 months.

Since the relative position of the International Space Station and the Earth will change over time, the 24-hour delay in launch means that it will take astronauts three times the original plan to travel to the International Space Station. It was originally planned to arrive in 8.5 hours.

CNN, after the withdrawal of the US space shuttle in 2011, NASA signed billions of dollars in contracts with SpaceX and Boeing to transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

On May 30 of this year, SpaceX conducted its first manned aerial flight test mission (Demo-2) and successfully transported two astronauts to and from the International Space Station. This is the first time that an American astronaut has launched into space from the United States in the last ten years.

It’s worth noting that SpaceX CEO Musk revealed on Twitter that day that he had been suffering from a fever and cough for several days, with some of the results of the new corona test negative and some positive. You are currently awaiting more specific test results. In response, Bridenstine said that anyone who shows a positive result for the new crown should be isolated in accordance with NASA policy.

NASA officials said the four astronauts could continue the mission. To ensure the health of the astronauts, they were quarantined for several weeks. Additionally, SpaceX’s recent contact records found no close contact of the four astronauts with Musk.