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Naples São Paulo Stadium officially renamed Diego Maradona Stadium

Naples São Paulo Stadium officially renamed Diego Maradona Stadium

by YCPress

December 5th Beijing time, Serie A Naples Football Club announced that on Friday night local time, the Naples municipal government passed a proposal to officially change the name of São Paulo Stadium to Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

On November 26th, local time, outside the stadium in São Paulo in Naples, Italy, a man walking in a team with his child in memory of Maradona.

Maradona died of cardiac arrest on November 25 at the age of 60. According to the Argentine media Horn, Maradona’s preliminary autopsy results showed that the death was caused by “acute heart failure”.

After the farewell ceremony of the body held at the presidential palace, Maradona’s coffin was transported to the Bella Vista cemetery more than 30 kilometers away and officially buried on the evening of the 26th. The cemetery is located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where his parents are also buried.

The sudden departure of a generation of football kings has attracted great attention in the world, and many dignitaries, football stars and ordinary fans around the world have expressed their condolences. FIFA also issued an announcement through its official website, calling on its 211 member associations to pay tribute to one of the greatest iconic figures in football history.

After learning of Maradona’s death, the mayor of Naples, Italy, Magistries, announced that the stadium in São Paulo, Naples, would be renamed the stadium of Maradona. Today, the name change proposal has been approved by the Naples municipal government.

São Paulo Stadium is the home of Serie A Naples Club. Maradona is one of the legends of Naples. From 1984 to 1992, he brought two Serie A championship trophies and two Coppa Italia to Naples.

Sunshine, sea water and Maradona were the three treasures of Naples of that period. Even after Maradona left, the streets and alleys of Naples still celebrate that glorious years. End