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Namibia's "Operation Spring Miao" was successfully concluded

Namibia’s “Operation Spring” was successfully concluded

by YCPress

In order to ensure the safety of non-Chinese citizens, in recent days, “Operation Spring Miao” continued to be carried out in many countries in Africa, in Namibia, Tunisia, Benin and other countries, the local has taken the lead in the realization of Chinese citizens two doses of vaccination.

The Embassy in Namibia launched Operation Spring Miao at the end of March, and from April 19 local time, the second dose of vaccination for Chinese compatriots began at more than 300 vaccination sites in 35 regions of the country.

As of May 6, local time, about 1,800 chinese citizens who have volunteered and are fit to be vaccinated in the country have completed two doses of the newly-produced Coronavirus vaccine, marking the successful conclusion of the “Spring Miao Initiative” in Na.