Home World “Mysterious Stone” has appeared again ! This time in India
"Mysterious Stone" has appeared again ! This time in India

“Mysterious Stone” has appeared again ! This time in India

by YCPress

The “mysterious boulder” that has “appeared” in nearly 30 cities around the world has appeared in India again.

According to India Today, on December 31, local time, a “mysterious boulder” appeared in a park in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, western India.

Screenshots of India Today report

According to the report, the boulder appearing in Ahmedabad is made of metal and is nearly 6 feet (about 1.82 meters) high.

And this is the first time that such a giant metal stone has been found in India.

The report also said that the metal object seemed to be standing on the ground, but there was no sign of excavation at the bottom.

Similarly, this “mysterious” object is a triprism with some numbers and symbols on the surface.

This “mysterious” boulder seems to have an unknown origin.

According to the parker Yasham, he knew nothing about the origin of the “boulder”.

In an interview, he said that he did not see anyone placing the object in the park.

“When I came home at night, it wasn’t there yet.

But when I came back to work the next morning, I was surprised to see this ‘object’,” he said.

He then reported the matter to the park manager.

The report said that while the local department was brainstorming to find its source, the “mysterious boulder” in Ahmedabad has also become the focus of discussion, attracting tourists to take photos.

India Today also said that so far, similar objects have appeared in nearly 30 cities around the world, and similar “mysterious” objects have been found in Romania, France, Poland, the United Kingdom and Colombia.

For the first time, “mysterious boulders” were found in the desert of Utah in the United States.

Several U.S. media reported on November 24 that during a routine mission in the local Red Rock area, staff of Utah Public Security and Wildlife Resources found a mysterious metal boulder of unknown origin, a silver, shiny triprism object, about two people tall.

A few days later, it was found that the unknown object mysteriously disappeared.

On the 28th, the Utah Bureau of Land Management (BLM) posted on its official Facebook that “we have received reports that individuals or organizations demolished it on the evening of November 27.”