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Myanmar’s stock market fell to an all-time low in March

by YCPress

According to the latest monthly report from the Yangon Stock Exchange, Myanmar’s stock market traded at an all-time low of 110 million kyats ($69,000) in March 2021, with only 19,000 shares traded;

According to the report, there are currently six listed companies trading shares on the Yangon Stock Exchange. Myanmar’s state-run Global New Light newspaper said that because of the situation in Myanmar and the new crown outbreak, ordinary people and investment companies tend to hold on to cash, the willingness to invest greatly reduced.

According to the exchange’s annual report, released in January 2021, myanmar’s stock market will trade 12.6 billion Kyats in 2020, with 1.87 million shares traded.

Trading on the Yangon Stock Exchange began in March 2016 and foreigners will be allowed to buy shares of the stock from March 2020, all of which will be settled in Burmese currency.