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Myanmar's new foreign minister visits Thailand

Myanmar’s new foreign minister visits Thailand

by YCPress

On February 24, Wunna Maung Lwin, the newly appointed Foreign Minister of Myanmar’s military, visited Thailand and held talks with Thai Prime Minister and Defense Minister Prayut and Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Dun Palmavinay.

This is the first time that the Myanmar Foreign Minister has visited since the coup d’état on February 1 this year.

According to Thai media reports, the current situation in Myanmar has aroused ASEAN concern.

During the talks, Winna Maung Lun explained to Thailand the current situation in Myanmar, especially the relevant protests in Myanmar and other countries.

According to Thai media, citing Myanmar media reports, Winna Maung Lun’s visit originated from ASEAN diplomatic mediation to meet with Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Massoudi in the hope of discussing with other ASEAN member states a solution to the current political crisis in Myanmar.

It is reported that Letno has been enlisting the support of ASEAN countries for convening a special session on Myanmar.

Because of the unstable situation in Myanmar, Letno has cancelled his visit to Myanmar and met with the Myanmar Foreign Minister in Bangkok instead.

In response to relevant media questions on the same day, Prayut said that Thailand and Myanmar are friendly neighbors and should listen to each other.

Thailand, as an ASEAN member, should also encourage all parties in Myanmar to work in the direction of cooperation.