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Myanmar to get Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine in early 2021

by YCPress

December 31, local time, the Myanmar Embassy in China issued a notice saying that Myanmar expects to obtain a Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine in early 2021.

Myanmar has previously contacted vaccine manufacturers such as China National Pharmaceutical Group and Kexing Biotechnology, and the two sides have held 31 consultations on relevant issues.

According to the results of recent consultations, the Chinese-produced coronavirus vaccine will arrive in Myanmar in early 2021, and the two sides are currently continuing negotiations on further details.

The Myanmar Embassy in China also said in the announcement that China has approved the emergency use of the coronavirus vaccine since June 2020, and Myanmar has also contacted China since August 2020 on the purchase of vaccines and other related issues.

In the process, the COVID-19 vaccine produced in China has been successful in clinical trials and has been recognized by WHO experts.